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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Pack | Two Small Men


2 ways to motivate yourself to pack

Because planning a move already puts a lot on your plate, we understand packing can really feel like a huge undertaking. And, while there’s no avoiding it, there are some things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself. Here are the best ways to get motivated when it comes to packing for a home move.   

Packing: How to Get Motivated   

Checklists Will Keep You Sane   

The very first thing you’ll want to do is make or print off a moving checklist. A good list should be divided up over the course of several weeks – allowing you to stay focused on the tasks at hand without feeling like you have to get everything done at once.    

Break it Up   

Packing up little areas here and there won’t really make you feel like you’re accomplishing anything. Instead, make a deal with yourself that you’ll tackle only one room or area at a time. Focusing on less-used spaces like storage areas and guest rooms will allow you to see quick progress without worry you may be packing something you’ll soon need.     

Don’t Pack Everything   

Keep in mind, you’re probably not going to have to pack everything little single thing. As you move from room to room, bring garbage bags and few boxes labelled “keep”, “donate” and “sell”. Not only will this help you keep mess to a minimum it will give you the opportunity to declutter each room and get rid of things you no longer want. Your “sell” box will help you make a little money too!    

Avoid Distractions  

Hunker down and focus on one task until It’s done. Avoid turning on your favourite show or stopping to scroll social media. If your children are old enough, ask that they keep themselves entertained until you’re finished. If at all possible, put your phone on a hands-free setting. That way you can chat with a friend or family member without being hindered by having your phone in your hand.   

Pack Like a Kid   

“The Floor is Lava!”. As you might remember from your childhood, making a game out of your chores makes them more fun. Blare music and dance around or create a competition between family members. You may even want to consider inviting a few friends over to help you pack and keep you motivated at the same time (just remember what we mentioned about distractions!). Also, reward yourself for your hard work with an “allowance”. Giving yourself a little treat now and then is sure to keep you going.   

Stay Positive  

Keeping an upbeat attitude about packing will make all the difference. On days where you find yourself getting tired or frustrated, take a break to regroup and start again. Remember, packing is also a chance to purge items you don’t want before making a fresh start in your new home. New home, new you!

Seek Professional Help  

No, not wanting to pack isn’t crazy – trying to get it all done when you don’t have time is! That’s why good moving companies like Two Small Men offer packing services and supplies! We will treat your stuff like it’s our very own as we pack, move and unpack it all for you!  

Check out our website for more information on our packing services or, if you’re still in search of a great home mover, click the button below for your free estimate! 

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