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6 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home


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There’s a lot of hustle and bustle involved in the moving process. You’ll probably spend most of your time in the months and weeks before you move dealing with real estate, your job, a moving company, utilities, and packing amongst a host of other things. In all of this, there’s something that can often get forgotten: your new home.

We all know that moving can be difficult. We form attachments to our homes, and leaving them behind after a move can feel like a betrayal. Even more so, a new house can feel foreign, more like a hotel than a home. To make your move easier, it’s important to do what you can to make your new house feel like home in the days and weeks after you move.

How to Make a New House Feel Like Home

Of course, moving your furniture in and painting are things most people do to help make their new home their own, but that’s often not quite enough. Here are six little things you can do to help increase the homey feeling in your new house after you move:

  1. Pick a Signature Scent

Did you have a certain candle you always burned in your old home? Or maybe a favourite air freshener? Get the same scent filling your new home right away. Light some candles, and plug in some air fresheners and that familiar scent will bring the homey feeling on.

Even if you didn’t have a favourite scent in your old home picking a “signature scent” to start filling your new house with will help make it feel like your own in short time.

  1. Change the Fixtures

If you’re moving into a house that you didn’t build/design a small change you can make to make it feel more like it’s your own is changing the fixtures. This includes door handles, cabinet pulls, taps, and light fixtures. This is a small, easy change you can make that makes the design of your home feel more personal. 


  1. Fill it with Photos

Sure you’re probably putting up your old artwork and wall art, but adding in more photos to the walls and shelves is a great way to turn your house into your home after a move. Putting up photos of family (and even pets) will feel like “claiming” the house for your family. 

  1. Clean it

We know house cleaning isn’t the most popular activity. But going through and cleaning your home yourself will help you feel more comfortable there. A good clean can give your new house a “blank slate” feeling rather than feeling like it belongs to the old owners. 

  1. Plan a Gathering

Something a lot of people don’t realize is that part of what makes a house feel like home are the people who are frequently in it. We don’t just mean your family who lives there; filling the home with friends is a great way to make your house feel familiar and homey.

When you move, you should plan a gathering/housewarming for a few weeks later. If you didn’t move too far away, invite all your friends and family who frequently visited you in your old home. If you moved long distance, use this as an opportunity to meet neighbours and start feeling at home with your new community. 

  1. Give it Time

The best thing to do to make a new house feel like home is give it time. No one is going to feel at home in a new place overnight. The more time you spend in your house, the more it’s going to feel like it belongs to you and your family. Make an effort to spend time in every room to help you get used to the new space.


Planning a move soon? When your actual moving day is stress-free, you can spend the first night in your new home much happier – which will help with the process of feeling at home there. For a stress-free move from the company with the biggest hearts, get your free moving estimate today!

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