March 29,2018 | Moving Tips

5 things You Don’t Want To Forget When Moving


When you’re in the processes of planning a move, there are a lot of moving parts all happening at once. You’re most likely dealing with real estate issues, preparing to pack and packing, sorting out work and/or school arrangements, informing family and friends, and much more. The last thing you want is to forget an important detail, but with so much going on sometimes the “little things” can be neglected. 


One of the best ways to ensure nothing is forgotten is to download a comprehensive moving checklist. This way, you don’t have keep all of the information in your head and you can go back and check over the list to make sure nothing was forgotten in the days after the move.


Things You Don’t Want to Forget During Your Move

Here are some tasks or items we often notice our moving clients forget to do during the process of organizing their move:

  1. Forward/Cancel Mail and Subscriptions

No one likes moving into a new home or apartment and getting a bunch of mail for the previous tenant, so try to think of every subscription you have and make sure it’s been updated.

Two Small Men Tip: Have a look at everything that comes in the mail for you for two or three weeks, then try to update your address or cancel with any company you think might send mail again.

If you’re subscribed to any local newspapers or magazines you don’t want to receive at your new home, make sure to cancel them as well.

  1. Book the Elevator

For people moving to an apartment or condo, it can be easy to forget about elevator bookings, especially if it isn’t something you’ve had to do before. Make sure you check with your building whether they require you to book at time to reserve the elevator (most do) and then line that up with the time you have booked or will book your moving company for. 

Two Small Men Tip: While you’re booking a time to use the elevator, check with your building if there is a way to book a parking space near the doors for the moving truck to fit. Things will go much faster if your movers don’t have to carry things down the block. 

  1. Schedule Internet and/or Cable

Most people are so used to just having wifi and/or cable in their home they forget it’s something that needs to be set up or transferred. 

Two Small Men Tip: A good time to set up the installation of these services is the morning of your moving day before your moving company arrives if this is possible. This way you can have wifi at your new home during the move and furniture can be properly positioned around routers and cords.

  1. Update Your License

It’s very important to make sure you update your license when you move to a new address. We once heard the story of someone who moved into a new home and started getting mail addressed to the old tenant about an unpaid parking ticket that escalated into a notice of a court date despite the new tenant sending the notices back with notes that the old tenant no longer lived there.

You don’t want to miss out on important notices like this, so make sure you update your license as soon as you move.

  1. Transfer Home Insurance

You should notify your insurance company 30-60 days before a move that you’re going to be moving and that you need to transfer your home insurance to the new address. This way, your provider can analyze your new home/location and update your policy accordingly. 

Note that most insurance companies will cover both your new and old home for 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about something happening at the new or old location halfway through the move.


If you’re planning a move, make sure to download our moving checklist to keep everything organized and get your free moving estimate from Two Small Men today.

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