January 23,2018 | Long Distance Moving

Two Small Men are the Long Distance Moving Experts


Moving long distance is different from moving within the same city in a lot of ways. Not only does the actual process take a lot longer, but it requires a lot more planning, organization, and communication. That’s why your best option when choosing a moving company for your long distance move is one that has the experience and expertise to complete your move safely and efficiently.

 30 years of experience in creating memorable moving experiences

What Makes Two Small Men the Long Distance Experts?


There are a lot of different companies with experience moving in Calgary, and there are a lot of different companies with experience moving in Vancouver. But there aren’t so many that have the experience needed to move all the way from Calgary to Vancouver without complications or mistakes.

Moving companies that don’t often make long distance moves won’t truly understand the extent of the planning and communication that goes into making a move from one city to another that’s a significant distance away. 

Two Small Men with Big Hearts movers have been moving locally and long distance for more than 30 years. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure your long distance move goes as smoothly as if it was across the street, not matter how far across Canada you need to go. 



Smaller moving companies have smaller fleets. While this usually isn’t an issue when it comes to local moves, it can cause problems with a long distance move. Why? Well, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, or cause delays, with a distance move including weather, traffic, mechanical issues, or even customers having more stuff than anticipated. 

These things can be worked around during a local move due to the ability of the company to make more than one trip, but on a long distance move the options are pretty slim. Because of this, smaller companies can end up unable to deliver on time and can leave you high and dry on the dates you’ve planned your life around.

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With a larger company comes a larger fleet. At Two Small Men, that means more crew members or trucks can be sent out to help out with a long distance move where something out of our control has happened that could delay the move. That way your move can continue on as planned and your stuff will get to your new home right on time.





Sure, there might be a lot of moving that advertise long distance moving, but not all of them are specialized in this kind of move. Two Small Men has movers trained specifically to understand the specific challenges associated with moving across the province or across the country.

We know that long distance moves need to be treated differently than local ones, so we take special care to ensure all of our long distance movers are properly trained and knowledgeable on this unique type of move. 

If you need to move long distance, please fill out our free moving estimate form and we’ll get started planning together.


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