Give Your Employees a Stress-Free Office Move


Give Your Employees a Stress-Free Office Move

Relocating your office can be a stressful time for you and your employees. There are a lot of things to think about when you’re planning a commercial move, and it can be easy to forget that your employees are feeling the pressure too.

That’s why one of the key elements to giving your employees a stress-free office move is communication. Making sure your employees feel as if they are informed about all parts of the office move is very important. The more informed and educated they feel, the less stress they are likely to feel.

Aside from communication, having your move stay organized and on schedule will be a great stress-reducer for everyone involved when relocating offices. Here are some tips on making sure this happens:

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Six weeks before the move:

Six weeks before the date of your move, there are a few things you can be doing to start organizing. First of all it’s time to book a mover. This is a critical aspect of the move, because without the right moving company your move could end up a disaster. Make sure to do your research on this. For example, if you’re moving in Edmonton, research the best Edmonton movers so you can assure your employees that all of the office equipment and technology will be moved safely and securely to it’s new location.

Four weeks before the move:

With about one month left before the move you can start presenting the information about your new office location to your employees. This will help them visualize what their new working environment is going to be like so they can air any concerns about the layout and look of the new location. To help with this, you should also be planning the layout of the office furniture and equipment such as printers. 

Three weeks before the move:

Now is the time to provide moving instructions to your employees. Giving them specific instructions on their duties during the office relocation will help take away anxiety they are feeling about moving. It’s also a good idea to provide recycling and trash bins for employees in case they need to purge some things they will no longer need.

One week before the move:

As the moving day gets closer and closer, make sure communication with employees is still going strong. They’ll want to know if everything is on track to move offices, and they might be feeling anxious about how everything is going to work once the move is complete.

At this point, you should be distributing keys, access cards, IDs, or anything else required for the new office building to your employees. This is a key step in the commercial move process to ensure the least amount of adjustment time.

Two days before the move:

Make sure everything is packed up and labeled correctly for your office movers. This will ensure that everything gets into its right place after the move and you and your employees won’t feel pressure to get everything fixed. Having the right packing supplies or a mover who offers expert packing services also ensures nothing will get damaged during the move.

Day of the move:

On the day you move, give your employees an orientation package to keep them feeling calm and organized about the transition/adjustment period is going to go. You can also allow them to help with the hanging of whiteboards/decorations so they can continue to feel comfortable with how things will work in the new office.


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