Four Quick Facts About Moving to Regina


Planning on moving to Regina? This Saskatchewan city is home to almost 200,000 people who appreciate the parks, rec centres, museums, and opportunity to grow their careers and raise their families in a welcoming, affordable environment.

Move to Regina!

If you’re moving to Regina yourself, here’s four things you should know in advance.

Do You Like the Roughriders? Because You’re Going To

Now, if you’re heading to Regina from another Saskatchewan location like Saskatoon or Moose Jaw, then you’re already probably part of the Rider Nation.

If not? You may be in for a surprise when it comes to football culture. Regina hosts the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and this team is supported by some of the most enthusiastic CFL fans in Canada. Find out for yourself just how far it goes by picking up tickets to a game and seeing it all in action at the newly finished Mosaic Stadium.

You Can Get Anywhere in 20 Minutes

Regina’s a large enough urban centre to provide you with high quality, diverse amenities — but not so large that getting around is difficult. If you’re coming from a metropolis like Toronto, get ready to enjoy the luxury of getting where you want to be without sitting in traffic for an hour.

That’s one thing when you’re just saving time getting to a restaurant. It’s a whole other thing when you’re shaving 30 minutes or more off your average commute — each way. That’s whole extra hour to do more fun stuff every day!

Explore Saskatchewan!

Need a quick getaway? Last Mountain Lake is southern Saskatchewan’s largest (naturally occurring) lake and has plenty of beaches and places to stay. And you can visit Canada’s first federally recognized bird sanctuary: home to several of Canada’s endangered and threatened species.

Or just get away within the city itself. Wascana Lake is packed with parks and recreational activities to keep you busy no matter your interests.

Moving’s Easier with a Partner!

Wherever you’re moving from, you’ll find the process a whole lot easier with a moving service lending you a hand. Get help with moving supplies, transportation, and of course, experts to do the heavy lifting and the kind of packing you need to get safely from one place or another.

Unlike doing it yourself, when you use a moving company, not only are you cutting down on your stress and energy, you’re also able to benefit from insurance. Even if something does go wrong on the long road to Regina, you’re covered.

Want to give it a try? Two Small Men is a moving company able to help you get your valued possessions from one place to another no matter whether you’re moving to Regina from Moose Jaw or Montreal.

Get yourself a quote here and find out how much better a move can be for yourself.

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