5 Calgary Neighbourhoods with the Friendliest Neighbors


One of the things that makes a neighbourhood great is how friendly the neighbors are. With friendly neighbors, you can make your neighbourhood feel more like your home. You’ll feel like you’re a part of a community, which will make you want to stay in your home for many more years to come.

If you have plans on moving to Calgary this article may help you learn about a few awesome neighborhoods and communities in Calgary that you can consider for your living destination:

Here are five of Calgary’s top friendliest neighbourhoods to help you identify a great place to settle down and make roots in the city:

Chinook Park

This family-friendly neighborhood has two great schools – Chinook Park Bilingual Elementary School and Henry Wise Wood Senior High School – and a diverse community. It is mostly an upper-income neighbourhood, though there are some lower-income residents. Most residents are homeowners, but there is a small rental population.

Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove is right next to Chinook Park, so it makes sense that these two neighbourhoods would overlap with friendly neighbors. It is also served by Chinook Park and Henry Wise Wood, as well as the Rockyview General Hospital. Kelvin Grove is a bit more affordable than Chinook Park, and there is a larger rental population here.


Bowness has its history as a community for native peoples. However, today, it is socioeconomically and racially diverse. Its Main Street is undergoing the revitalization of many businesses, and the community is moving forward to create positive change together.

Elbow Park

Located in the southwest of Calgary is Elbow Park. The neighbourhood has great community schools in Elbow Park Elementary and William Reid Bilingual Elementary schools. It also has many parks, a skating rink, tennis courts and other amenities. The neighbourhood is mostly upper class.


In northwest Calgary likes Rosedale. The community is mostly upper middle class, and the schools servicing the neighbourhood include Rosedale Elementary School and Junior High School. Most of the homes in the area are single family, and about a quarter of the population are renters. The neighbourhood also has easy access to the rest of Calgary and beyond through the Trans-Canada Highway.

Whether you are looking to move to Calgary or just move within Calgary, it is worth exploring these neighbourhoods a bit more. With their reputation for having friendly neighbors, you can quickly settle in and feel like you are a part of a close community. You’ll be able to create traditions and expand your family.

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