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10 Halloween Costumes You Can Make with Moving Boxes


Do you have leftover boxes from your last move? Ohave you collected a few boxes from the online shopping you’ve been doing while staying safely at home? Before throwing them in the recycling bin, give them new life with these awesome, budget friendly Halloween Costumes. 

These are great for kids, adults, families, and group costumes! 

Washing Machine:  

You’ve probably been visiting your laundry machine more often these days, so why not honour it properly? You can go as extravagant or as simple as you like. Grab a box, a round, plastic lid, tape them together with duct tape or tin foil, and you’ll have a laundry machine. You can stop there or add extra details such as a few old clothes, an empty laundry soap container, or a fabric softener box.    




Laundry Detergent: 

Group costume alert! Transform into laundry detergent alongside your partner in crime, the washing machineThis is a fun DIY that will get all your friends laughing and talkingFor this project, you will need a box, some paint, and white tissue paper, for the soapy effect. 




Crayon Box

This one is a bright and colourful DIY for all the artsy folks out there. Buy a few party hats to create the tip of the markers, and paint your way to a crayon box! 





Have you been missing the concession stand at the movie theatre? Pay homage to this classic movie theater snack. You will need a box, white paint, red tape, and yellow tissue paper. You can also use one can of insulating foam sealants if you want a robust popcorn shape, and then paint it yellow. 

popcorn_box From Costume Works 



Turn the box that carried your books to your new home into a bookworm costumeit only seems fitting. Better yet, this costume is easy to take off for emergency bathroom breaks! You’ll need a box, construction paper, and a few accessories to accessorize the worm.  




This puzzle is the easiest way to repurpose most of your boxes, since it requires a lot of boxes to create the Tetris shapes. You no longer have to Tetris them into your closet (pun intended)Supplies needed: boxes, paint and black tap should get the work done. 

Tetris-Costume-e1320463710370                                   Backpack with Brock 



This is an often underrated household necessity! It’s always by your side during a good movie, there for the happy and sad times, and of course, when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Supplies: Box, wrapping paper (the funkier the better) and white tissue paper. 


M.O.B. Truths 



Rock this as a solo costume or make it poker theme with a royal flush – or any random suits. Paint your box white, and print the decals (or draw them), simple as that! 


Today’s Parent 


Juice Box 

Refreshing, customizable, adorable and awesome – need we say more?  

You will needbox, wrapping paper, a printer to print out your decals, and a plumbing tube for the straw (can be found at the hardware store). 


 Homemade Costumes 



Last but not least, a fun group costume idea! You can use the whole box, or just the two sides (like the photo), and glue plastic cups (or bowls) on it. Give it a coat of paint, and you have a life size Lego piece.   





Inspired by one of these fun designs for your Halloween costume? Tag @twosmallmencanada on Instagram to show us your costume if you do! 

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