Two Small Men with Big Hearts Customer Agreement

Thank you for choosing Two Small Men with Big Hearts for your move. Please take time to read through the Customer Agreement in advance of your move as it explains some important details.

Moving Services: What we will do.

We will do our upmost to arrive in the window that you booked. We’ll give you a call when we’re on our way to give you a better idea of our expected arrival time. In the rare case that we can’t be at your move within the arrival window we will call you and let you know when we will be there. Upon arrival, we’ll complete a full walk-through, review the Bill of Lading and answer any questions you may have before beginning the job. Our professional movers will lay floor runners to protect your flooring, unless otherwise indicated by the customer. Our moving professionals will move all the items that you have asked us to move from your pick-up address into our moving trucks and to your final drop-off address. If you requested us to pack for you, we will bring packing materials for purchase to ensure your belongings are packed securely. When we get to your drop-off address, we will carefully unload your possessions and reassemble the furniture that we disassembled. Our goal is to make sure everything arrives safely and is done as efficiently as possible!

Getting ready for your move: What you need to do.

We’ll do everything possible to make your move day stress free and we do need your help. To start, it’s important that you have provided us with your accurate contact information and the complete addresses for the location of your move including both the pick-up and drop-off addresses. Please remember, if the addresses change after the time of booking, please contact us immediately. If you need us to pick up or drop off anything at an additional location, please let us know before your move day as we may need to schedule extra time.

Please let us know in advance if you need items disassembled so we can ensure your estimate is as accurate as possible. It is also important so we can confirm the items that can be safely disassembled and ensure we have the tools required.

It’s extremely important that you are completely packed and ready to move before our team arrives unless you’ve arranged packing services with us. This means you will need to have packed all your items into sealed boxes. This includes everything except furniture and major appliances.

Please empty all filing cabinets, dressers and desk drawers before we arrive so we can move them safely. If we’re moving large appliances, please arrange in advance for a licensed party to disconnect gas, water and hard-wired electrical. Our movers are not licensed to handle gas lines, plumbing or electrical. Please be sure to empty out the contents of the appliances that you have asked us to move including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and ovens.

If there is an elevator, it’s important you make arrangements to book the elevator to be locked off for our crew use. Elevators should be prepared by the property manager to avoid inadvertent damage. You are responsible for elevator booking and overage fees.

We strongly recommend that all your fragile items be packed using the original manufacturer’s shipping boxes and wrap to make sure they are safe to move. If you don’t have the original boxes, we would be more than happy to professionally pack these for you. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any damage done to any of your possessions if they weren’t packed and unpacked by us, so please take your time and pack them with care. Upfront Pricing

When you booked your move with us, we provided you with an estimate based on the information you gave us about your move. If our movers find something unusual or different than what you told us when you booked, it may affect the time it takes to move you, and ultimately may affect your final price. Factors such as narrow doorways, corridors, stairwells, low ceilings, tight squeezes, sharp turns, uneven pathways, long carries, and crowded work areas will

affect the time of your move. We pride ourselves in upfront pricing, but because of the number of factors that we may incur during your move we cannot give you a final price until your move is complete.

We are a full-service moving provider, with our local moves billed at on hourly rate. Your final invoice will be based on the actual time it takes for us to complete your move rounded to the nearest 15-minute increment. Your estimate is based on the products and services that you told us about. The hourly rate you will be charged is based on how many movers are used to complete your move. Your final bill will also include the time it takes our movers to get from your pick-up address to any stops along the way, and ultimately to your drop-off address. We estimate this time however, things like heavy traffic and bad weather can affect the overall time.

Please remember that our estimate assumes that you will be completely packed and ready to move when our team arrives at your home. Two Small Men with Big Hearts has a two (2) hour minimum charge for any moving. After 2 hours, we will bill you in 15-minute increments. Your estimate contains a one-time, Truck, Travel, Equipment and Basic Coverage Fee. This flat rate fee includes Basic Valuation Coverage for your goods ($.60/lb), travel costs from our depot to your pick-up address and then back to our depot after your move is done. This fee will be listed as a separate line item on your final invoice in addition to move time. Fuel surcharge as well as GST/HST are applicable.

When booking your move, we tried to get as much information as possible so that your estimate is accurate. A Heavy Item Fee of $99 plus tax will be charged for each item over 300lbs that is moved. If our movers encounter any extra large, extremely heavy or overly fragile items that we weren’t told about before your move day, we may have to charge you a surcharge to move them. Our movers will let you know prior to moving these items if any additional charges need to be billed. If you have any items you think may fall into this category, please discuss them with us before your move day so we can give you a more accurate, up front estimate.

Our professional movers are experienced in loading our trucks to ensure truck space is maximized. Oddly shaped items are difficult to stack and can take up valuable truck space. Our movers will do their best to ensure all your goods fit into the truck(s) booked. Should you have more goods than will fit, it is considered overflow. An additional truck may need to be arranged and will be billed as part of your move cost.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you require disposal services. We will plan this as part of your move and provide the applicable disposal fee. We may not be able to accommodate last minute disposal requests.

Booking Your Move

To confirm your move, a deposit of $100 per truck is required. Moves outside of city limits and Long Distance moves will require a larger deposit. The deposit amount will be deducted from your final bill. Deposits are non-refundable.

Date Changes and Cancellation

When coordinating a move, we understand that sometimes the timing can change. Changes to your move date can be made until 4 days prior to your scheduled move date. Your deposit will be applied toward the booking for your rescheduled move date. Please note, hourly rates on your new move date will apply, and space is subject to availability. Date changes made less than 4 days prior to your scheduled move date are considered a cancellation. In the event of customer cancellation, deposits are non-refundable. In the rare circumstance that Two Small Men must cancel your move, the deposit will be refunded. Inconvenience compensation is not applicable.


Paying for Your Move

Once our movers have finished your move, your payment is due. Our movers will take your payment on site, immediately after your move is done. For your convenience, we accept Visa/Visa Debit, Mastercard, AMEX and Interac Debit. We do not accept cash or cheque payments. In the rare case that you cannot or do not pay for your move, you will be responsible to reimburse Two Small Men with Big Hearts for all costs that are incurred in collecting payment, including agency and legal fees and related expenses. Withholding payment is considered a breach of the Customer Agreement and will be sent to collections.


Safety is our number one priority! Please be sure to have the parking area and walkways cleared of snow and ice, as well as any other obstructions. Ultimately it is your responsibility to provide our movers a clear and safe access

path. Our movers are unable to move hazardous materials of any kind including fuels, combustibles, corrosives, explosives, ammunition, firearms, propane tanks.

We are unable to move alcohol, hot tubs, liquids, pets. For safety reasons we do not offer disassembly or reassembly on cribs, bunk beds, gym equipment, treadmills, pool tables, trampolines, grandfather clocks or items made of particleboard. We do not reassemble items that were not disassembled by us.

Movers are entitled to breaks in accordance with provincial employment standards rules – 10 minutes every 2 hours, taken at their discretion. In extreme weather conditions our crews are entitled to longer breaks for safety reasons. This can increase the duration of your move; however, you are not charged for the additional break time. Under our health and safety protocol, movers cannot remove their shoes.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a safe environment free from hazards such as drug paraphernalia, rodent infestation, mold, blood, bed bugs, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, COVID-19. Should these or any other safety concerns be found, we will be unable to complete the move. We reserve the right to refuse work where safety is deemed compromised.


Operations can be impacted during extreme weather conditions. We will do our best to minimize impact to customers, however adverse weather may result in delays or rescheduling of moves. Should this occur, we will notify customers immediately and provide the best available options. As weather is not within our control, discounts or compensation will not be offered.


Please note any delays with ferries caused by weather, maintenance, etc. are outside of our control and may result in a delay for scheduled pick-up and/or delivery. We ask our clients to understand that flexibility may be required on a move that requires a ferry. Our team will always make best efforts to remain on schedule and reserve any necessary ferries when possible.


When our team arrives at your pick-up address, please make sure we have a parking space or area that is convenient and close to your move. You will need to do the same at the drop-off address so we can move you in smoothly and on time. We will park our truck in a location we view as the most appropriate available spot. If we’re unable to park near entrances, this will increase crew foot travel time to and from the truck and will increase your move time. We will not drive our trucks over lawns, sidewalks or any other area that is not designated for truck traffic. Two Small Men with Big Hearts will not be liable for damage caused by the weight of our trucks where it is a reasonable expectation for our trucks to be and special instructions were not provided indicating otherwise.

Damage to Your Possessions

While our movers are trained to be very careful with your possessions, occasionally accidental damage can happen. If you discover damage after your move to any item that our team was moving, it’s important that you report this. Coverage is industry standard and Federally Legislated. We will pay to you $0.60/lb (Basic Valuation Coverage) per damaged item in full and final compensation. This releases Two Small Men with Big Hearts from any further obligations in relation to the damage. All claims involving accidental damage(s) must be made via our After Service Claims Portal with 60 days of us completing your move. Please know that we have no obligation to honor damages claims made later than 60 days after completion of the move. While our goal is to keep you happy, we cannot accept any claim for damages until after you have paid your move in full.

Property Damage


Maintaining the integrity of your property is always our goal. Occasionally accidental damage can happen despite our best efforts. If you discover property damage, it must be reported within one day of your move via our After Service Claims Portal. Compensation is based on direct repairs only. We do not compensate for total loss. Please know we will not honor property damage claims made later than next day after completion of the move.


Release of Liability

Our movers are trained professionals and will make every effort possible to move your valued possessions as you direct us. Unfortunately, there are some items or situations that our movers will encounter that they cannot perform without a damage risk to your items or property. Please read through the document carefully because by proceeding with retaining Two Small Men as the service provider you are agreeing to unconditionally release Two Small Men with Big Hearts from any liability whatsoever that might occur should you wish us to perform any of these services for you.

Particleboard Furniture: Certain pre-fab furniture including, without limitation, furniture made with particleboard, pressboard, and chipboard is not designed to be moved without being completely disassembled. If moved while assembled, these items break very easily. It’s best that you disassemble this furniture prior your move. These items are extremely susceptible to moisture, nicks, dings, scratches, movement, and multiple assembly or disassembly. These materials are not intended for longevity due to these factors. If you instruct us to move these items, you hereby acknowledge and agree that Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not liable for any accidental damage to this furniture.

Storage Units: If you direct us to load or unload your storage unit, we are not responsible for any damage to any item that was not a direct result of our performance of moving services. Two Small Men with Big Hearts is only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control. Once items are loaded into and enter a storage unit or any other temporary or long-term holding facility (including, but not limited to, mobile storage units and containers such as BigSteelBox) and the doors are closed, we cannot be responsible for these items.

Absent Customer: The customer, or a representative of the customer who is over 18 years of age, must be present at all times during the move. Two Small Men with Big Hearts will not be responsible for damage to any items or any items that are not transported by Two Small Men with Big Hearts in the event that the move proceeds without the customer or his or her agent being present.

Missing Items: We will ask the customer to complete a walk-through of the home along with us before departing the pick-up location. During this walkthrough, the customer should ensure there are no items left behind. Once we’ve unloaded at the drop-off location, we will ask the customer to complete a final check of the back of our truck with us. During this check, the customer should ensure there are no customer items remaining on our truck. Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any missing items.

Self-transported Items: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage to any item transported, loaded or unloaded from a vehicle not owned and operated by Two Small Men with Big Hearts.

Self-Packed Items: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any item that we did not pack. Damage: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage that occurred prior to the time when a specific item was placed in our immediate care, custody, or control, or for any damage to any item or items that are not structurally sound or otherwise defective.

Elevators: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible any damage due to elevators not being appropriately prepared to mitigate inadvertent damage.

Acts of Nature: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage to items caused by road hazards or accidents, fire or any acts of nature including, but not limited to snow, ice, rain, wind, mud, flood, hail, and sun damage.

Mattresses: Two Small Men with Big Hearts requires the use of mattress bags to ensure protection from dirt, moisture and exposure to outside elements during your move. Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage to mattresses if mattress bags are declined.

Cabinets, Drawers & Desks: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for damage to any item or file in file cabinets, drawers, or desks that we remove, or for damage to any item or file that remained in any file cabinet, drawer, or desk during the transport, loading, or unloading phase of the move.

Appliances: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any contents left in your appliances.

Laundry Equipment: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any internal damage to Washing and Drying Equipment not professionally prepared for transit.

Valuable Papers: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for important or valuable papers, documents, tickets, deeds, manuscripts, blueprints, plans, currency, money, bonds, notes, stock certificates or other securities, or other valuable papers.

High-Value Items: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for jewelry, gems, precious metal, antiques, collectables, family heirlooms, musical instruments, remains of loved ones, high valued household goods or any other item of sentimental or monetary high-value.

Electronic Equipment, TVs & Computers: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the inner workings of Electronic Equipment and Computers while moving them.

Extremely Fragile and Specialty Items: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for damage to specialty items or items that are extremely fragile. Customer(s) are required to have these items professionally crated by a professional crating service.

Hazardous Materials: Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage caused by any hazardous material that you have packed and of which you have failed to notify Two Small Men with Big Hearts.

Plants: We cannot provide a temperature-controlled environment for plants, and they may be exposed to extreme cold and/or heat during your move. Two Small Men with Big Hearts is not responsible for any damage to live plants, even though we will take the utmost care if you want us to move them.

Please remember that by proceeding in retaining Two Small Men as your service provider you acknowledge that you have reviewed the above waiver items and that you agree to release Two Small Men with Big Hearts from any liability that might occur while moving these items or performing these services.

Indemnity & Disclaimer

By proceeding with retaining Two Small Men as your service provider, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Two Small Men with Big Hearts and its officers, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, predecessors, successors, assigns and associated companies from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, and consequential damages, taxes, costs, losses and actual legal expenses incurred by them in connection with any claim, litigation or other action or proceeding made or brought by third parties arising out of, related to, or connected with any personal injury and, or alternatively, property damage which may result from or be caused by your own intentional, deliberate or negligent conduct, or that of any person acting on your behalf, or as a result of your having packed any Hazardous Materials without notifying us of that fact.

The Customer Agreement supersedes any verbal conversations as it is the binding contract. The Customer Agreement provides important information about Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving and the service(s) being provided. By proceeding with retaining Two Small Men with Big Hearts as the service provider the customer acknowledges their understanding and agreement to the terms and conditions within. Disputes regarding anything in each of the outlined sections without tangible proof are exempt and the customer assumes all liability

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