How moving to a new home is changing during COVID-19

April 12,2024

“WINNIPEG — Moving into a new apartment often involves a lot of people — from your landlord and prospective tenants to movers and cleaners.

In the age of physical distancing, moving has a different look.

“We make sure that we’re wiping down the elevator buttons, all the doorknobs. We put in-door jams to make sure the doors stay open so we don’t have to retouch those areas,” said Stu Starkey, President of Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co.

Starkey said business hasn’t slowed down, but changes are being made every day. He said most of his staff are now working from home, but his movers still need to be in and out of the office, and they are making sure to practice physical distancing as much as possible.

“With their partner, they can get closer when needed,” said Starkey. “We keep those partners the same every day that’s possible to minimize the potential for transmission between staff if that ever were to occur.”

Starkey said his crew is also in communication several times with the resident leading up to their move, including asking them about recent travel and whether they’ve been in contact with anyone infected.” — Stephanie Tsicos / CTV News

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