April 30,2019 | Business/Commercial Moving

Your Office Move Doesn’t Have to be a Headache


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If something goes wrong with a personal move? Well, it’s not going to be fun, but you’re at least only answering to yourself. And you can be forgiving of an old couch falling apart halfway down the stairs. At worst, you’ll just have to sit on something else for a few days. However, your office relocation needs to be planned carefully. 

You’ll make do.

But when you’re responsible for an office? You’ve got to transfer a money-making machine such that it’s ready to continue making money when you’re done. Often, there are multiple interacting mission-critical physical objects you have to move.

  • Desks, for people to work at.
  • Computers that enable the value your company creates.
  • Tools and supplies that employees rely on.
  • Physical paperwork documenting vital steps in your process.

When Something Goes Wrong in an Office Move, You Can’t Just Make Do

A laptop gets damaged during the move. Boxes of paperwork get mislabelled and dropped off in the wrong departments. Your meticulously organized drawers get mixed up. Crucial tools just plain get lost. A desk loses a leg or two and will no longer stand up.

When this happens in an office move, you can’t necessarily just make do. Any piece of your overall machine that is unable to perform its duty means money is lost. Every day.

Your employee can’t sit at a broken desk with a laptop that won’t turn on. Time lost searching for last year’s reports because they ended up forgotten in a box that was never opened isn’t something you can get back. And you don’t want to spend half a day tracking down power cables or mismatched peripherals.

Let’s not even start about the panic that’d follow being unable to find a big physical folder of sensitive client information.

No, when you’re moving an office, you’re under pressure to get it done flawlessly, with minimal downtime. When the staff walk into the new office, on day one, they need to be able to resume exactly where they left off. Anything less is a loss.

How To Get A Great Office Move

The best way to get through an intimidating office move? It’s simple. You go with a moving company that knows how it’s done. Not just any moving company. One that’s already performed countless office moves. One that understands the different needs of residential versus commercial moves and is capable of handling the deeper concerns offices face.

There are three key things a moving company should come with when moving your office.

  • Box coding — to ensure that every box and every piece of equipment is delivered to the correct location in the new office
  • A Professional Office Moving Project Manager — to ensure that the entire process is overseen by an expert
  • Experienced electronic equipment movers — to ensure that every delicate piece of electronic equipment that you rely on is given the care it requires

If your mover has these three services? You can be quite confident they’re serious about office moves.

Two Small Men has a suite of office moving services for offices of any size. We offer each of those three key services — along with a lot more we think you’ll be surprised by! To find out how we can help you get to your new location with absolute minimal downtime, reach out and get started here.

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