April 02,2019 | Moving Tips

Why Not Just DIY Move? Here’s What Moving Companies Do That You Can’t


Almost everyone’s had or been a part of a DIY move. The benefit’s obvious: it’s cheap. And if you already have access to a truck? It’s free!

The thing is, it’s only free in terms of the dollars in your bank account. Otherwise? It’s actually quite expensive.

  • You’re spending your time planning for the move — and buying moving supplies you’ll use once is not free at all
  • You’re spending your time in the weeks leading to the move packing all your possessions and living around all those boxes
  • You’re calling in favours and trying to wrangle friends and family to lend a hand
  • You’re spending the entire moving day itself moving
  • Even after all that, you’re not a moving expert: you’re risking damage and inefficiency dragging the day on and on

diy move

A moving quote might seem expensive the first time you see it. But when you actually take into account all the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of a DIY versus professional move, the professionals are going to provide an overall better experience every time.

Your Moving Company Already Has Everything You Need

And not only that, they’ve got the supplies that have proven themselves effective in moving across countless moves every day. Their boxes won’t fall apart on a slippery sidewalk and spill your possessions in the snow.

Not only are the costs of shopping trips to pick up supplies rolled into your overall quote, but that’s valuable assurance that the right choice has been made.

Your Moving Company Knows How to Pack, What to Pack, and How to Do it Fast

What’s too big to go in a box? What needs to get wrapped? What’s best to just carry out? You could spend those weeks worrying about those questions — or you can let your movers’ expertise do the job for you. They can get it done all at once.

This frees up your time to instead sort through your belongings and make decisions about what to do about all those things you don’t want to take with you.

Your Moving Company Provides a Professional Team

Save those favours! Your mover sends a team of professional movers to ensure your belongings are safely moved from the old home to your new home. With skills built up from performing moves every day, rather than once or twice a year, your movers will show up on time and get to work immediately.

Thanks to knowing the best methods of getting boxes and furniture out of a home, they’ll have everything in the truck ready to go as soon as possible — rather than lose an hour here getting stuck with a couch halfway down a stairwell, and an hour there figuring out the best way to get the bed all the way out.

Your Moving Company Knows How to Prevent and Avoid Damage

How often do you move that antique dresser between homes? Never? Your professional moving company moves furniture just like it every day. They know what to do to prevent everything from scratches to irreparable damage. They’ll know when something needs a little extra care and protection, and how to arrange things in a truck to minimize shifting in-transit.

Moving is a critical time for your treasured possessions, but damage during a move is preventable. If there’s anything a moving company can do that you can’t alone, it’s transporting those important items.

Two Small Men Moving Company has a whole range of moving services designed to make your move as stress-free and seamless as possible. From packing to moving, we take the hassle out of your move. Get a quote here — you’ll be surprised how much better a move can be!

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