January 30,2018 | Community of Big Hearts

Two Small Men are Dedicated to Giving Back to our Communities


At Two Small Men with Big Hearts we believe that one of the most important things for a business to do is give back to the communities in which we operate. We’re dedicated to not only giving our moving customers the best possible moving service, but also to contributing positively to the cities and towns they, and we, live and work in. 

TWO SMALL MEN WITH BIG HEARTS giving back to community edmonton


In 2017 we decided to dedicate ourselves to creating meaningful partnerships and relationship with some deserving charities. This year, we made it our New Years resolution to grow our Big Hearts by giving back even more.

Two Small Men’s Current Community Involvement

Here are some of the amazing charity organizations we are currently involved with:

The Cerebral Palsy Associations of Alberta (CPAA) and BC (CPABC)

Our partnership with the CPAA and CPABC started in November of 2017. We think this partnership is great because it allows us to help out a great charity, and makes the moving process easier for our clients. 

With a simple call or click of a button, our moving clients will be able to have CPAA or BC come to their home before or on moving day and pick up items for donation. That means our clients can get rid of extra items they don’t want or need anymore before they take up space in the moving truck, and a the organization can continue to help people live a life without limits. 

“The CPAA felt that partnering with a moving company would be the perfect solution to expanding our Clothing Donation Program and as Two Small Men are reputable moving company, the perfect fit for a new collaboration.”~ CPAA Edmonton regional manager Elizabeth Kaleta and Communications and Donor Relations Manager Cindy Turnquist 

If you have friends or family who need to move, and who want to give back to deserving charity, let them know there is a big-hearted moving company out there who would love to help them do both.

The Boys and Girls Club of Calgary

Back in 2015 we created a great partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Calgary. We donate one move per month to the organization and in turn get to watch them continue their 75 year legacy of helping youth discover, develop and achieve their full potential as successful adults.

We’ve really enjoyed working with this organization and we’re thankful for testimonials like this one: 

can’t express how amazing this service is for us, normally we have to do these moves ourselves and the amount of staff we have helping is dependent on their schedules and how busy everyone is. Sometimes it’s just two staff members, trying to lug beds and couches up steep staircases (in the winter, this becomes even more treacherous when everything is covered in snow and ice!). So we are extremely thankful for the movers donating their time and energy to us once a month! Let them know how much we appreciate them!”  ~ Boys & Girls Club of Calgary staff member (January 2018)


The Children’s Health Foundation Ontario

Most recently, we are so happy to have been able to support the Children’s Health Foundation’s annual Magic Winter Ball and Toy Drive in Ontario. Our movers (as you can see below) had a great time transporting toys to the hospital.

Two Men With Big Hearts Moving 1.jpg

Children’s Health Foundation is grateful for the support of Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving and the assistance it provides, whether it is the transportation of toys to the hospital or items to our signature events, in addition to generous donations. Their kindness and big hearts do not go unnoticed; they are giving back to their community to ensure that our kids have access to the very best care. A sincere thank you for all of your support.” ~ Scott Fortnum, President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation

Help Us Grow Our Big Hearts

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts we’re incredibly proud of our relationship with all of these deserving charities and we hope to continue working with all of them to help them continue to change lives.

We know that most of our moving clients have Big Hearts of their own and also love to give back to their communities. That’s why we trust you to tell us about deserving charities that could use our help. If you or someone you know is involved with a charity that would benefit from a partnership with a moving company, we want to hear about it. Please contact us today with your suggestions. 

As well, we’ve added a Community Involvement page to our new website (which we’re super excited about, by the way) to let our current and potential clients know all about the different ways we’re giving back to the community and to showcase some of the amazing charities we partner with. You can check out that page here.


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