Tricks for Packing Valuables You Need to Know


For most people, the most daunting part of the moving process (other than actually picking up and moving of course) is packing before a move. In particular, many people are afraid of packing fragile valuables items because they don’t want them to break. 

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Of course, hiring a moving company that offers professional packing services (we do!) is one way to make sure your belongings are packed safely. But, if you’re going to do the packing on your own, we still want to make sure everything gets to your new home safely.


8 Tricks that Keep Your Valuables Safe when Moving

Here are our eight best tips and tricks for making sure you’re packing fragile items the best way. 

  1. Make an Inventory

The first step for making sure your fragile items arrive at your new home in one piece is making an inventory. Make sure you know exactly what items you have that are fragile or valuable. Then, when you’re doing the packing, make sure you know exactly where they are so you can tell the movers to take special care with those boxes. It’s a simple packing trick that will keep your move organized. 

  1. Tape Mirrors

One trick that all moving companies know for packing mirrors is to tape them. Get a roll of masking tape or packing tape and tape a large X across the mirror from corner to corner.

This will not only help prevent cracking, but if something does happen and the mirror happens to break, this will keep all the pieces from falling all over. You can do the same for pictures with glass frames.

  1. Pack Plates Sideways (in a China Barrel)

When most people start packing their dishes, they start placing them one on top of the other with padding in between. Don’t be like most people.

When you start packing your dishes, after an initial padding layer, put them on their sides (like in the dishwasher) with some padding in between each plate. This packing tip means your plates are less likely to shatter or scratch if the box gets bumped.

Plus: the best way to pack plates is in a China Barrel. These can be expensive and hard to get on your own, so make sure to ask us about getting packing supplies right from the source. 

  1. Heavy Items = Small Boxes

The heavier the item, the less other items you should pack with it. Use larger boxes to pack light things like towels, clothes, or knick knacks. Use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, tools, or décor.

This way, you won’t accidentally pack a box with so many heavy things that you or the movers have trouble lifting it.

  1. Glass? Bubble Wrap it Backwards

Wrapping them with the bubble side out prevents this from happening, and it doesn’t make your glass any less safe, so it’s an easy step that can prevent extra work after your move.

  1. Leave the Big Stuff to the Professionals

No matter how well you pack and prepare, some things should only be moved by the professionals (i.e. Pianos, Chandeliers, Gun Safes). These items require not only special preparation and packing methods, they also require training and experience to move properly, something a professional moving company has (and you probably don’t). 

  1. Small Stuff Goes with You

Important paperwork and documentation, family heirlooms and any small, cherished items should always be packed and transported in your own vehicle. That way you can know where the items are at all times and you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost, dirty, or damaged. 

  1. Get Insurance

One of the best packing tips for valuables is not really a packing tip. If you truly want to make sure that your valuables stay protected during a move, you want to get the best insurance for them. Determine what is covered by your moving company’s insurance and your homeowner’s insurance and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your coverage.


Has this list got you thinking about all the packing you have to do before your move? Are you starting to dread it? Don’t worry; when you move with Two Small Men, we can do the packing for you! Get your free moving estimate today!


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