January 02,2018 | Moving Tips

Tips for Moving in Bad Weather


Canadian winters can be rough. They can also be unpredictable. Most people try to avoid moving in the winter, but sometimes you can’t choose when you have to move. So what do you do if your move falls on a day when the weather is, to put it bluntly, lousy? 





Our number on concern during winter moves is safety. We want our movers, and you and your family, to stay safe during the move. Extremely cold weather can be dangerous on its own, and it can also cause icy conditions and poor visibility. The last thing we want is for either you or our movers to be injured during the move.

Another concern we have is cleanliness. Snow is wet, and it can be dirty, and we’re committed to making sure both your new and old home, as well as your belongings, stay clean and dry.

With these things considered, here are our best tips for moving in bad weather: 

  • Clear walkways

The first things you’ll want to do when preparing for a move in poor weather is clean off your sidewalks and walkways. When there’s a lot of snow on the sidewalk, not only is it slip or trip hazard for you and our movers, but it can significantly slow down the moving process.

  • Salt walkways for surer footing




If the sidewalks are icy, it’s a major hazard for our movers. It can be difficult for them to see the ice when they’re transporting large, heavy furniture. Chances are you’ll be making quite a few trips up and down the sidewalk on moving day as well.

We advise you to salt any sidewalks that the movers or you and your family will be using frequently to help keep everyone safe and to keep the moving process from being held up. 

  • Provide places to warm up for quick breaks




The winter weather can be dangerously cold in Canada. Our movers are always equipped with jackets, gloves, and hats, but when they’re working up a sweat with all the heaving lifting, they can still be affected by the cold.

That’s why we ask you to provide some warm places where our movers can stop in for a quick break or for lunch. In the summer, movers can stop and eat outside, but in the winter it’s much safer for them to eat indoors.

  • Keep an eye you for any water drops

Other than safety, keeping everything clean and dry is out number one concern during winter moves. We always try our best to make sure that we don’t bring any snow or dirt in our shoes when moving your things, but occasionally, something gets missed. So we ask that you keep an eye out for any water drops in your new or old home so we can towel everything dry before we leave.

Also, if you want to lay down old towels or blankets in the areas where movers will be frequently walking, like the entryways, it’s a huge help for your moving company.

Two Small Men Are Prepared to Move in Poor Weather

Remember that any kind of bad weather is going to have an affect on your move. Sometimes, it may mean that the move takes longer than anticipated. At Two Small Men we’re dedicated to getting your things safely and efficiently to your new home, and we’re also dedicated to the safety of our employees and you and your family. That’s why we take special care when moving in poor weather so you can have a move as stress-free as if it was happening on a clear summer day.



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