The Downsizing Series Part 3: Dos and Don’ts of Apartment Living


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If you’re downsizing to an apartment you’re in for some big changes. From the amount of stuff you’re able to live with, to new rules you may have to account for, to the fact that you’ll now have neighbours who share a wall, apartment living comes with its challenges. 

We’ve put together this handy list of Dos and Don’ts to help you prepare for your move into an apartment. Save yourself some trouble later by making your plans now.

DO: Think Carefully About Your Space

Before you even start looking for apartments, you should have a firm idea of how much furniture you’ll be moving in with — and how much you’ll be letting go. And of course, keep in mind that you’ll likely have plenty more belongings you’ll be bringing along as well.

When you first see them, the bare rooms of an apartment can look deceptively large. But visualize how that space will shrink as you add couches and shelves and beds. If it’s not going to work, better you adjust your plans now rather than be forced to on moving day.

DON’T: Take Things with You Just Because

Do you have a kitchen appliance you’ve only used a couple of times? Yard tools that won’t be relevant anymore? Boxes and boxes of papers you’ve filed away and never looked at again? Even books you’ve read and loved but don’t expect you’ll ever reread?

With more limited space, it may no longer to make sense to hold onto things just because they’re in fine working order. Consider donating these items and allowing someone else to get use out of them — and remember, the less space you need, the better and cheaper your options will be for picking the apartment itself.

DO: Embrace the Opportunity to Live More Simply

Downsizing to an apartment doesn’t have to be something you reluctantly shuffle through. It should be an opportunity to shed the (literal!) baggage you’ve accumulated over the years, and think about what’s truly important in your life.

Visualize what you want to see when you come home and open the door each day. It’s probably not clutter — tables piled high with boxes and shelves stuffed to the brim with books and ornaments.

So, whatever it is you do want to see, take your move into an apartment as an opportunity to make it happen. And remember, sentimental items aside, if you do regret getting rid of something, you’ll always be able to get a new one.

DON’T: Forget About Your Neighbours

Apartment living is about more than just your space. With your neighbours in such close quarters, maintaining good (or at least neutral) relationships with them can make all the difference.

While there’s not much you can do about the walls, if you’ve got children or pets that like to run around, a ground floor apartment can at least reduce that noise. Alternately, if you’re looking to increase your chance of peace and quiet, a top floor apartment won’t come with the noise of people walking around above you.

And either way, do think twice before playing loud music or hosting noisy parties in buildings where the walls are thin. It’ll be hard to shake the reputation of being the noisy neighbour once you’ve established it, and those you share the building with will be looking for opportunities to complain.

Are you planning to simplify your life by downsizing? If you’ve got an apartment move in your future (or any other move!), our two big hearts are ready to help! Click here for a free moving estimate.

For last week’s post in our Downsizing Series, head here!

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