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The Downsizing Series Part 2: Tips for Decorating a Small Space


Just because you’ve downsized on space doesn’t mean you need to downsize on style. In addition to less cleaning and maintenance, you’ll still be able to enjoy a well-decorated space that feels both inviting and roomy. If you’re looking for some helpful hints on how to decorate a smaller space, after your move here a few tips to get you started:

Blog_Mar_Week_1Tips for Decorating a Small Space

  • Get Organized
  • Make Use of Collapsible and Multi-Purpose Furniture
  • Incorporate Lighting
  • Use Mirrors
  • Put Big Stuff Outside
  • Use ALL of the Space
  • Play Tricks

Get Organized

Nothing shrinks the size of a room faster than a bunch of clutter. No, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of half your stuff, but it does mean you need to get creative with organization. Think about ways you can arrange drawers or closets to maximize on storage (drawer and closet organizers, additional shelving and more) as well as other creative ways to include storage from room to room without sacrificing style (i.e. decorative totes, baskets, boxes etc.). 

Collapsible and Mutli Purpose Furniture

Speaking of maximizing on storage, why not make your furniture perform double-duty? Ottomans, coffee tables and beds are just a few of the many types of furniture you can purchase with built-in storage options. Other multi-purpose options to consider are sofa beds, murphy beds, folding desks and tables etc.

Incorporate Lighting

Since natural lighting can be limited in a smaller space, you’ll want to add a little extra warmth. Include a few lamps for added ambience and consider opting for suspendable varieties to avoid compromising valuable floor space. Pendant lighting, track lighting, sconces and string lights are all great ways to add that extra glow without taking up additional room.

Use Mirrors

Speaking of light, mirrors are a great way to capitalize on existing light by reflecting it around the room – making a space look larger and brighter. Consider hanging two mirrors across from one another on opposite sides of the room or hanging several of varying sizes on a single wall. Not only will this give the illusion of more square footage, but the varying sizes and shapes will also add a lot of interest!

Put Big Stuff Outside

Small rooms don’t necessarily mean small furniture. In fact, having a few larger pieces such as an eye-catching vintage armoire or bookshelf can really make a statement – as long as you keep them to the perimeters of the room. Too much bulk towards the centre won’t just make the room look smaller, it takes up valuable living space.

Use ALL the Space

Think of the ways you can utilize all the space the room has to offer – not just floor space. Is there a nook you can use for a reading chair or desk? Is there a corner where you can add additional storage? And don’t forget about your walls! Floating shelves are great for décor and storage and when it comes to photos or artwork, you can also hang pictures to make the room look bigger

Play Tricks

Besides mirrors and pictures, there are other ways to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it really is. For instance, large area rugs tend to give the illusion of more floor space, whereas deep or bold coloured accent walls distract from the room’s size while adding excitement. Other tricks to consider are making use of symmetry and adding greenery which will make the space look lighter and more lively.

From décor help and city spotlights to tips moving and unpacking, you’ll find a ton of fun and useful information on the Two Small Men blog. Find Part One of our downsizing series here. And, if you have any questions related to our services, don’t hesitate to contact us or click the button below for your free estimate!

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