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The Downsizing Series Part 1: The Benefits of Downsizing


Benefits of Downsizing|| Two Small Men

“But…does it bring me joy?”. If this sounds familiar, you may already be hooked on Netflix’s latest hit show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. If there’s one thing Kondo’s popular series teaches us, it’s there are benefits to downsizing. Whether you’re thinking about moving to a smaller home or just looking to get rid of all that extra stuff you have hanging around, here are the top benefits of downsizing your home and your life.

The Downsizing Series Part 1: The Benefits of Downsizing

Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Maybe you’re an empty-nester who’s starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the size of the old family home. Or maybe you’re already retired and want to pad your traveling fund. Whatever your reason, moving to a smaller home certainly has its advantages:

  • Less Maintenance – More home = more maintenance. Pushing lawnmowers, moving snow, cleaning, making repairs and other maintenance tasks take up a lot of time and energy. Downsizing will give you the opportunity to take on as much or as little maintenance as you want!
  • Cheaper Bills – Instead of paying to heat a bunch of rooms you aren’t even using, downsizing to a smaller home will allow you to save on energy and your utility bills.
  • More Freedom – In addition to cheaper bills, moving to a smaller home also means a cheaper mortgage. This will give you more financial freedom allowing you to boost your retirement fund, take a trip, buy a new car…. whatever you like!
  • Less Stuff – Moving to a smaller home gives you the opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of all that extra stuff you’ve been holding on to!

Downsizing Your Life

Speaking of stuff, maybe you’re perfectly happy with the size of your current home- just not with the amount of stuff you have in it. Downsizing (your belongings) definitely has its perks here too:

  • You’ll Feel Good – The act of decluttering itself forces you to practice decision-making and remove emotional attachments from items that really don’t do anything for you – except take up space. Getting rid of these things won’t just make your shelves lighter, it will make you mentally lighter, too.
  • You’ll Look Good – While it may seem contradictory at first, when it comes to articles of clothing, less is more. Why hold on to a sweater you bought new but never wear? Or an old pair of shoes you USED to love? Get rid of these things so you can spend more time focusing on the items you DO wear and love. Purging your wardrobe will also make deciding what to wear a lot less stressful (and you can make way for new items)!
  • Your Home Will Look Good – The less clutter you have lying around, the more open and inviting your home will feel. It will be easier to clean and keep clean (you won’t have as much to move around and put away) and you’ll be able to find things without tearing the house apart (always when you’re in a rush, of course).
  • You’re Helping Someone Else – If you feel guilty throwing things away, remember, they may make someone else happy. If they no longer “bring you joy” consider selling your items and putting the money towards something you want. Or, donate the items to charity. Either option is sure to make you feel great.

Are you planning to simplify your life by downsizing? Whether you’re moving to a smaller house or just looking to get rid of extra clutter, our two big hearts are ready to help! Click the button below for a free moving estimate, or learn more about our downsizing services here.

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