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Planning Your Big Move to the Cottage


Planning Your Big Move to the Cottage

Moving to a cottage can be a time of transition and lifestyle change. There is a lot to consider whether it’s a permanent move or a seasonal house.

Downsizing or Upsizing?

If you are moving to a cottage you may be considering downsizing. There’s a major appeal to being able to have a more easily maintained unit and using the extra funds left over from selling your house for travel, volunteering, and exploring new opportunities. However, you must think about the lifestyle you are expecting to live once you transition to a small space.

If you decide to downsize, it’s important to seriously assess the items you need to take with you, especially if it’s a permanent move. Also, consider the square footage you are moving to. Do you have room, for example, for several large furniture pieces in smaller rooms? If something doesn’t seem worth keeping or is redundant with other furniture then sell it or donate it to a family member.

Not everyone wants to go smaller. Some move to a more comfortable lifestyle for convenience purposes and upgrade their style of living—cottage homes are sometimes bigger than those in the city. If this sounds like your approach to cottage living, consider adding specialized upgrades that help you with common household tasks and entertainment opportunities. Whether it’s an art space, woodworking area, or a small theater, this is a change to give a permanent upgrade to your leisure time.

If you are not planning on a permanent stay but rather half-year or seasonal cottage life, remember that you probably won’t be using everything you’ve packed. Keep in mind as you travel to and from your homes which items actually made the cut. Did you need the extra clothes and books after all? Was there something you’re lacking? List on paper what you needed and what you didn’t and next year your task will be even simpler.

From the City to the Country

If you are moving out to the country from the city, prepare for a bit of culture shock. Many who are transitioning to the cottage decide to rent for a while before buying. This allows them to acclimatize to winter, size up new neighbours, and adjust to a slower paced lifestyle with more nature but fewer amenities.

It isn’t just the winters to prepare for. Being in a smaller home and smaller (and often rural) community also means that you are moving away from conveniences. How long can you live without subways, cinemas, or super stores?
You may have to increase your transportation budget if you are moving to an area with limited public transit. Make sure to research the moving and storage company you are going to utilize in advance. Can they handle your stuff in the new location for an affordable price?

Moving to a cottage means you are ready to relax and explore your interests and escape from the daily grind of the city. Being prepared and researching your new life is important to making this a comfortable transition.

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