December 19,2017 | Business/Commercial Moving

Partner with Two Small Men Movers and Bring Added Value to your Clients


Realtor Partnership with Moving Company as a value add

If you are a realtor, corporate housing company, a business that regularly relocates employees, or even a seniors housing you’ll know the benefits of bringing some kind of added service value to your clients. When you go above and beyond, you’re more likely to get excellent reviews from your clients and increase the number and quality of your customer referrals, which leads to generating more clients. One of the ways you can bring added value is by partnering with a moving company. 

Why should I partner with a moving company? 

Sure, you could just find a different moving company every time you want to help them out, but you would be taking a risk. 

You want to help every client have the best experience possible. That includes in the added-value services you offer them. You’ll want to make sure you avoid moving scams and poor quality movers. But when you hire a moving company you don’t know anything about, or don’t have a relationship with, this can happen. That’s why partnering with a moving company is the best choice for realtors and other businesses.

Also, your clients will be reassured knowing that since you trust the moving company you’ve partnered with, they can too.

What can Two Small Men do for my Clients? 

Two Small Men with Big Hearts movers have been moving people all across Canada for more than 30 years. For this business, that’s a long time. This means we understand pretty much everything there is to know about all types of moves.

We have assigned crews that will be trained on your specific on-site needs. Whether you’re a property management company whos buildings have certain protocols for pick up and drop of items, or a realtor with a promotion with moving stipulations, you can rest assured we have a crew that will be educated on your specific needs. 

No matter where your clients are, or what their specific moving needs are, we are dedicated to getting their belongings where they need to go safely and efficiently. Some of the types of moves we’re experienced in include:

  • Local and Long Distance moves
  • Downsizing and Upsizing moves
  • Seniors moving
  • Special item and piano moving
  • Storage Solutions

We want to bring all of our clients more service than just a moving truck. That’s why we can offer additional services to anyone who moves with us, including:

  • Packing Supplies and Services
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Furniture Assembly

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When you partner with us, you can assure your clients that all of our movers are dedicated to treating all of their belongings as if they are our own, no matter how near or far they are moving. It’s our policy for every move we complete.

So if you’re a realtor, or any other business, looking to bring added service value to your clients by partnering with a moving company, contact us as Two Small Men and find out more about how we can help you and your clients have a better move.

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