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These days, we’re all doing our part to contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly world. While no one individual can save the world, we can all make an impact by making relatively small changes to our daily habits—and how we move is no exception! Reducing waste makes a huge difference,… Read More

Moving Long Distance from Winnipeg to Vancouver?

Moving halfway across the country is no small feat. Compared to more local moves, which are already stressful, long distance moving comes with its own special set of additional tasks to complete for a smooth, hassle-free move. If you’re heading west from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Vancouver, British Columbia, keep reading… Read More


There is a lot of advice out there when it comes to moving—and we mean a lot. Trust us; we’ve written tons of it! Whether you’re downsizing, preparing for a long distance move, or looking for more specific tips like moving with pets, moving with kids, or moving in bad… Read More


When you’re renting a unit—whether it’s a house, apartment, room, or portion of a dwelling—there’s a lot to know. Even experienced renters can find themselves forgetting key things when looking for a unit, especially if they’ve been settled into a previous rental for a long time. So whether you’re a… Read More

Can my movers help me pack?

When we think of moving companies, we're all likely to picture the following: movers streaming in and out of our old house to the truck, then from the truck to the new house, with armloads of boxes and furniture until the job is done. We may even picture a living room full of packed boxes and unorganized furniture, and rolling up our sleeves to get to work on the final step of the move. We're often asked by customers with upcoming moves if our team provides additional services, or if that classic moving scene tells the full story. While there's nothing wrong with that scene and it may tell some customers' full moving story, there can be so much more to your moving experience. At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we offer a wide variety of additional (totally optional) moving services to make your moving day easy and hassle-free. Keep reading to learn about services you may not have considered!   Packing & Unpacking This is one of our most popular services. Having our team come in for a "pack day" before your move or to help with unpacking is one of the best ways to combat moving stress. Our crews are professionals with a ton of experience in the safest and most effective ways to pack all kinds of items, so you're in good hands when you utilize this service. The feedback we've gotten from customers who use packing services has always been a resounding WORTH IT!   Storage We can all agree that one of the stressors about planning a move is all of the moving parts! When you're moving your belongings into storage, it can be stressful to try to coordinate between the storage provider, your property manager, and your moving company. Thankfully, we've developed relationships with awesome storage facilities like BigSteelBox to make moving your belongings into storage easy! Your Move Coordinator at Two Small Men with Big Hearts will be happy to help coordinate this for you. Special Item Transport Moving logistics are complicated enough without the added hassle of transporting your most precious items—and those are often the hardest to transport. This is where the value of using a professional moving company is most apparent: our crews are trained in special and delicate item transport, and they're equipped with the know-how and gear to ensure your most valuable items have a safe journey from start to finish.   Junk Disposal This is an often-underappreciated, but totally worthwhile service! When you're planning your move, you'll likely be downsizing as much as possible, and unfortunately not everything you own is going to be in a condition to donate or sell secondhand. What's more, after your move, it's unlikely that all your boxes are going to fit in your recycling bin. Our team can take care of these stressful issues by providing a junk disposal run to the local dump. This is by far the better option than dealing with the hassle of breaking down boxes, chopping up your 30-year-old couch, and hoping that everything will fit into your blue bin.   Talk to your Move Coordinator at Two Small Men about these services and make your moving day memorable for the right reasons! You can get your free quote started here.   Moving special items like a piano on moving day but not sure about using movers? Check out our step-by-step guiding blog on how to move a piano! How Do I Move My Piano?   Read More

What Kind of Boxes Should I Use for My Move?

Spring is finally on the horizon here in Canada, and that means moving season is also swiftly approaching! If you have an upcoming move to start planning for, knowing what your packing supply needs are is a great place to start. In today’s blog post, we’ll tell you all about… Read More

Celebrating the Women of TSM on International Women’s Day

Today, in honour of International Women’s Day, we’re using this space to celebrate the talented, intelligent, kind, wonderful women who make up the team at Two Small Men with Big Hearts. Please keep reading to learn more about some of the amazing women that we’re lucky enough to work with… Read More

How Do I Prepare For My Long Distance Move?

Whether you’re moving hundreds or thousands of kilometers away, it’s important to acknowledge the extra layer of stress that comes with long distance moving. Not to worry – Two Small Men can help you with that stress and make your long distance move more manageable! Here are some of our… Read More

How Do I Move My Piano?

We all love to save money, and with the rise of do-it-yourself social media accounts, learning how to save money by taking on seemingly tough tasks ourselves is easier than ever. Often, through trial and error, we'll learn a lot, have a reasonably good time, and ultimately save some money - even if we aren't saving as much time.At Two Small Men, we commend this spirit. And most of the time, we agree that there's a lot that individuals can do on their own to save money when they're getting ready to move. In fact, we offer all kinds of money-saving tips on our website.However, when it comes to pianos and other expensive, delicate items, we strongly recommend using professional movers to help. Professional moving companies have a ton of experience moving pianos, and they'll have the gear needed to safely transport everything to your new location. In fact, it's not unusual to see moving companies hired specifically to act as piano movers because of just how delicate pianos are. Did you know that the modern grand piano has over 10 000 moving parts? That calls for precise care and movement from Point A to Point B.  Still want to move your piano yourself? Here's how. While we strongly recommend that you hire professional movers to move your piano, if you're certain you want to risk moving it yourself, here are the items you'll need and the steps you'll have to take:Items: Stretch wrap Moving blankets/pads Four-wheel dolly/piano dolly Ratchet straps  How to move the piano: Using stretch wrap, secure your moving blankets to the piano's top and sides  Lift the piano while a second person slides the dolly underneath of it Using a ratchet strap, secure the piano to the dolly - the strap should be placed above the keyboard to avoid damage Begin moving the piano out of the house. You'll be able to wheel the piano out but will have to lift it when moving it up or down stairs - and remember, at no point should it come in contact with the stairs Safely push the piano up the ramp into your truck Strap the piano to the truck wall and ensure that no other items are loaded next to it We recommend three people for this task, because you'll want the extra support and security of a "spotter" on hand and to help you navigate any narrow corridors or stairs. An extra set of eyes and hands will help immensely if you decide to move your piano on your own. If, however, you choose not to take on the risk of moving your piano (and we wouldn't blame you), why not reach out to Two Small Men for a quote?  Read More

Hearts of the City Series: Calgary

Discover Community-Minded Calgary Charities and Organizations Calgary is not just a city filled with entertainment and fine dining, it is also a community-minded city that supports local businesses and charitable organizations. In this article, we will highlight some of the incredible Calgary-based charities and non-profit organizations that Two Small Men… Read More

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