July 01,2017 | Long Distance Moving

Moving to Prince George BC Without Spending A Fortune


Making the move to Prince George BC shouldn’t mean having to break the bank. Did you know a good moving company will not only make things easier, but they may actually be more affordable than doing it on your own?


Moving to Prince George, BC Without Spending a Fortune 

Trying to make the move on your own may seem like the most cost effective way to go. However, if you price it out, you’ll actually find that hiring the right moving company will be cheaper – and we’ll tell you why: 

Gas and Travel Expenses 

If you think that driving back and forth to your current home to Prince George several times is going to be more cost effective than hiring a moving company, think again. The cost of gas needs to be considered when you do your calculations, along with any other expenses, such as eating out, hotel stays and anything else.

Time Is Money 

A good moving company will know Prince George inside and out. They will also have loading and unloading down to a science. Ultimately, this means they’re going to be much faster than you could ever be. So, even if you’ve rented a truck to avoid the numerous trips mentioned above – the time it will take you load and unload (vs. the time it takes a mover) is sure to rack up your rental bill. 

Predictable Costs 

When a good moving company gives you the quote for your moving to Prince George it should be all-inclusive. This means the estimate should cover the cost of mileage, loading and unloading the truck etc. If you want to take advantage of other services a company offers, like packing services, purchasing boxes or storage options, they will also get factored into the quote so you have a clear idea of what you’ll be paying.

Incentives for Savings 

Did you know you could save simply by choosing the best time to move? Moving companies will often offer deals in the slow seasons – such as reduced hourly costs if you book your move mid-month.The day of the week or time year can also lower costs and save you a fair amount of money. Mid-week moves during the fall or winter can be much more affordable than a Saturday in the middle of the July.

The more quotes you shop around for when it comes to your Prince George move, the easier it will be to establish a lower price. By comparing moving companies, you can find out who offers the most bang for your buck and the best service. One thing is for sure, though, hiring a moving company is the best way to keep things on budget. 

To learn more about how Two Small Men can help you save on your Prince George move, visit our website or get your free moving estimate by clicking the button below. 


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