June 28,2017 | Moving Tips

Moving in the Rain? Here are 5 Tips for Moving in Bad Weather



Canada gets its fair share of inclement weather, especially during the rainy season. From those unexpected spring showers to issues of flooding nearby, you want to be prepared for the weather and know what to do if rain strikes on moving day.

For the most part, temperatures will be mild in early spring, and you should have a fair share of sunny days. However, if you are moving to one of the five cities with the most rainfall, such as Terrace, BC with 203.7 days of rain per year, now is the time to prepare.

5 Tips for Moving During Canada’s Rainy Season 

1. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Even if you are not moving to a rain-prone area of the country, keeping an eye on the weather and knowing what storms are coming your way is critical. See if your upcoming moving date is expecting a storm, and if there is a big rain storm coming, see about changing the moving time. 

2. Prepare for Slick and Slippery Surfaces

You don’t want anyone injured during the move, especially those you hire. Do what you can to prevent anyone from falling by adding salt or sand to sidewalks and driveways. If mud creates a slick surface on the sidewalks, rinse it away on moving day. 

3. Protect the Home’s Interior

When you’re moving, you’ll have doors open and people will be coming and going with muddy, wet shoes. There might also be slippery surfaces inside, especially on solid flooring. Do what you can to minimize this, since people cannot take their shoes on and off while hauling items. Clear all loading and unloading areas, and try to move all your items to one central area in the house to minimize potential slipping hazards. 

4. Get Your Moving Van Close, Like Really Close

You want your moving van to pull up to the house as close as possible. So, if you have a garage, see about pulling the loading side of the moving van close to the garage. Then, place all boxes and furniture in that garage to make loading easier.

Also, if you centralize everything to the garage, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up mud and water throughout the interior of the house. 

5. Have the Right Gear Prepared

While your moving company will bring along items like tarps and other protectants, you still should have the right equipment on-hand to make the process of relocating easier.

For starters, treat those who are helping you move with kindness, and show gratitude by providing them with hot beverages to stay warm.

For your furniture, cover it with plastic sheets to avoid rain or water damage. Also, keep your belongings away from areas in the garage where water intrusion could attack boxes. If your garage is prone to flooding after a rainstorm, leave items indoors until the movers arrive.


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