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Moving FAQ Series: 4 Frequently Asked Questions on Moving


When our customers are getting ready to move, they naturally come up with more and more questions the closer they get to moving day. We do our best to answer every moving question. After 40 years of professional moving experience, we’d like to think we’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to frequently asked questions. This is our third blog post in the Moving FAQ Series, so we welcome you to sit back, relax, and prepare to have your moving questions answered!


Are there weight limits for the items I’m moving?

Great question! Generally speaking — at least for the Two Small Men team — there are no weight restrictions when it comes to the items we’re able to move. Moves with heavier items weighing in at over 300 lbs will normally require additional movers on the job to ensure the safety of the crew as well as to protect the item being moved. When you’re planning your upcoming move with our team, be sure to let your Move Coordinator know about any extra heavy items that will need to be transported to your new home or office.


Does moving fragile items cost extra?

We can understand where this question comes from, but the short answer to your question is: no! Moving fragile items that weigh in under 300 lbs does not cost extra. However, we will always recommend that customers move smaller, more fragile items themselves by car whenever possible. If moving a fragile item by yourself isn’t an option, make sure that you:

  • Pack the item with lots of extra padding
  • Prominently mark the package as being fragile
  • Point out the item to your crew so they’re aware of it during the moving process


How can I help my pet feel more comfortable on moving day?

We love this question — your pet deserves to feel comfortable on moving day, and it’s certainly easier for your stress levels to know that your furry friend is safe and content when you’re moving into your new home. As a team full of pet lovers, we have all kinds of tips for keeping your pet happy on moving day!

  • Get them accustomed to their carriers — you can do this by leaving the carrier out and open in a room in your current house, and occasionally putting treats in it. Eventually, your pet may even opt to nap in the carrier, although we expect they may not want to see it for a while once the move is complete
  • Create a pet essentials kit that includes food, water, their favourite blanket and toy, a couple of treats, and anything else that might help them feel more at home in a house full of new, unfamiliar sights and smells
  • Keep them calm — if you have a particularly anxious pet, this might be easier said than done, but generally your mood will impact how your pet responds to the environment around them. If you’re calm, they’ll have a much better shot at staying calm too!
  • Choose a quiet, isolated room in the house and enclose your pet in that room early on. While it may sound counterintuitive to cut your pet off from you and your family, this is the safest and least stressful option for them on a bustling moving day. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that there’s no danger of them zooming out of the new house in search of the old house. As long as you give them a few comfort items, they’ll be absolutely fine — and you can designate one family member to check in on them once or twice during the move to make sure bathroom breaks and feeding times are covered!
  • If your pet has special needs, talk to your vet for extra help mapping out a moving day plan. We always advocate for talking to experts when it comes to special situations!


Can I keep light bulbs in my lamps when I move?

We don’t recommend leaving light bulbs in lamps when you’re moving. Light bulbs are extremely delicate and can stop working when they’re lightly jostled. There’s also the safety concern of broken glass to consider. We recommend unscrewing light bulbs before you move, wrapping them up in cloth, and taking them with you in the car on the way to your new home. Or, if you wrap them up with enough padding and secure them in a box with minimal jostling, just let your movers know that the box is full of fragile items so they can tuck it extra snugly amongst your other belongings.



Four frequently asked questions later, we trust that you’re feeling more knowledgeable about moving day already! If you still have questions, check out our Moving FAQ page here. Or if you’re ready to get your quote, click right here to get started on a quick, free quote from our team of friendly Move Coordinators! See you next time!

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