September 05,2017 | Moving Tips

If You Can Wrap Christmas Presents, You Can Pack Your Possessions


Pack Your Possessions

Congratulations! You’ve found a new place to live. After all that searching, you now get to channel your energy into packing up your belongings. This idea is overwhelming to many people; it’s difficult to pin point where in your house you should start this enormous task. The most important thing, though, is that your possessions arrive at your new place safely and in one piece. By following some simple steps during the packing process, you prevent damage to items, save time unloading, and prevent confusion when unpacking your house.

How to Pack Your Belongings Properly and Efficiently

As soon as you know you’re moving to another place, you want to start collecting as many boxes as possible. It’s better to have more at hand and not use them rather than having less and running out to grab more. It may seem like you don’t have all that much stuff, but when you start putting things in boxes, you’ll realize how many of them you’ll need. Boxes can usually be obtained for free from supermarkets or other large stores. If you don’t have any luck there, they can be purchased, too, but that adds to your moving expenses. Ensure you get various sizes.

You also want to start gathering other moving supplies. During the packing process, you’ll need several items: packing tape to keep the boxes shut, sticky labels so you know what each box contains, and scissors to cut things. You’ll need the same supplies you do when you wrap Christmas presents. For the more delicate items you own, you’ll want to get some old newspapers and some bubble wrap to prevent damage.

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Ready, Set, Pack

When you’ve got all that ready, it’s time to start packing! What you want to do is tackle one room at a time. If you mix rooms into one box, you’ll have a harder time unpacking, and it will take you longer. Once you have your starting room, start packing the items you use less often. While you’re filling these boxes, write down a list of everything you’re packing. This moving list is especially important if your items are valuable like jewelry, art, and clothes. Make sure you take note of which items are in which boxes. To ensure your boxes stay sturdy, tape the bottoms securely so they don’t give away. 

If a box contains fragile items like dishes, now would be the time to pull out that newspaper or bubble wrap. Newsprint may smudge, though, so use it at your discretion. Clean paper can be purchased for a reasonable price from moving supply stores. To protect these delicate items, wrap each one individually before placing it in a box. Once it’s filled, clearly mark it if it’s fragile to prevent mishandling. Also, state the room the box should be placed in.

It’s not difficult to pack your possessions to ensure they don’t get damaged. All you need is the right tools. If you have them, then you shouldn’t have a problem self-moving.

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