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How to Throw a Successful (stress-free) Housewarming Party


How to throw a stressful housewarming party.

Just moved into a new home? You’re probably excited to start showing it off to friends and family, but with all the stress of moving finally dying down, are you ready to take on the stress of planning a housewarming party? Probably not. The good news is, throwing a housewarming party doesn’t have to be stressful – by following a few simple tips, you can host a party like a pro (if there is such thing as a professional party-hoster). 


5 Best Tips for Throwing a Housewarming Party

Here are 5 of the best tips for making sure your housewarming is enjoyable and stress-free for everyone: 

  1. Don’t Start the Party Too Soon

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You might be excited to start showing off your new home to everyone immediately after you move in, but don’t plan a housewarming event too soon after moving day. Give yourself some time to settle in, unpack, and “test everything” before hosting. When your guests ask which door is the bathroom, or which drawer the forks are in, you want to know the answer! It’s best to wait a few weeks (at least) before throwing the party to make sure everything is in order first.

  1. Invite the Neighbours Too

If you moved within the same city, or to somewhere you already have friends and family, it can be tempting to keep the guest-list restricted to just people you know. But, inviting your new neighbours is a great way to introduce your family to the community. Plus, your neighbours will be grateful if they know in advance when your guests will be taking up street parking (or making noise in the backyard if it’s summertime).

  1. Small House? Try Come-and-Go

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Not everyone moves into a house that’s built to accommodate all of your friends and neighbours at once. If your concerned about the space or available seating, try hosting the housewarming as a “come-and-go” event. Invite everyone by telling them to drop by any time during set hours (3 p.m. – 7p.m. for example). Not only will this keep things from being crowded, but people who would normally not be able to commit to set hours might now be able to make it. 

  1. Plan Timed Tours

When you move into a new place, everyone who comes by is going to want a tour. But, if you show everyone around individually, you’ll spend your whole night giving tours of the home rather than enjoying the party. It’s a good idea to set certain times for tours and then take a large group through each time.

  1. Keep the Food Simple (or Order In)

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It can be tempting to plan a big, fancy meal for your housewarming guests, but in your first few weeks (even months) in your new home you might not even have all your kitchenware unpacked and organized. Plus, planning, shopping for, cooking, serving, and cleaning up a big meal can be an added stress that you won’t want to deal with so soon after moving. Keep the food to simple snacks (make sure to let you guests know it won’t be a full meal). Or you can order in through a local caterer or restaurant depending on the size of your guest list.


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