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How To Move To Montreal


Thinking about moving to Montreal? Not a bad idea. It’s a vibrant, multicultural city where there’s always something going on — and the rent is affordable to boot. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your Montreal move. 

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Moving Day Is July 1 

Quebec has a tradition when it comes to moving. It’s not a legal requirement, but for historical reasons, many, many people choose to move on July 1. It’s also very common for leases to run for one year at a time, starting July 1.

As you can imagine, Montreal is a busy place on July 1. The roads are full of people moving, and if you need to rent a truck or book a move with a professional Montreal moving service, it’s probably going to cost you more — and require a lot of notice.

So, if you’re moving to Montreal, you might want to make your first priority avoiding this massive rush. If you can pick another date, you really should.

Where to Live in Montreal?

There’s no shortage of interesting neighbourhoods in Montreal! Le Plateau-Mont-Royal boasts the highest density of creatives in Canada, and the nightlife never stops. If you’re not into driving, it’s also very foot, cycle, and transit-friendly. 

As well as the obvious French heritage, Montreal’s also got Canada’s second largest Italian population, with Little Italy serving as a hub.

There’s also downtown and Old Montreal, of course — the latter of which dates to the 1600s. Downtown’s a busy commercial district, with much of Old Montreal designated a historic district. This means, between the two, you’ve got your pick of modern skyscrapers and older, protected architecture.

Looking for something a little quieter for a home while maintaining easy access to the bustle when you need it? The Greater Montreal area is filled with towns and suburbs conveniently connected to the City of Montreal itself.

What to Do When You Move to Montreal?

If you’re moving from elsewhere to Montreal, there’ll be much to get used to. Once you’ve picked a date and found your ideal home in the right neighbourhood, you’ll want to figure out what you’re actually going to do.

As a major urban centre, there’s plenty of career opportunities to explore both in the core and the surrounding communities. And as a busy city, there’s a huge amount of activities and festivals to anticipate.

From music, to theatre, to Formula 1 racing, Montreal’s famous for its non-stop festival schedule. The food scene is world-renowned whether you’re just looking for that authentic poutine or high-end dining. And there are several parks within reasonable driving distance — such as the stunning Mont-Tremblant National Park.

How Do You Get There?

When you’re moving yourself between cities, it pays to do it right. That’s why we recommend you go with a professional mover. They’ll have the experience to pack all your belongings securely and safely for the drive: minimizing the chance of damage in-transit. And roads that are unfamiliar to you are well-traveled by those who do this day-in, day-out. You’ll get there fast, without a fuss.

If you’re looking for a hand getting your Montreal move done smoothly, without all the stress, contact us. Get a free quote now, or learn even more about moving to Montreal here.

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