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How To Get a Hassle-Free Halifax Move


Are you moving in Halifax? If you’d like it to go smoothly, you’ll want to keep these crucial tips in mind. Don’t underestimate the stress you can avoid simply by spreading a little of the work out earlier in the process.

Phase One: Build Your Halifax Moving Plan

The first thing you’ll want to do is take an inventory of everything you’ll be moving. Use discretion on whether to group things together, like “Kitchen Drawers” or list them separately, like “Dining Room Chairs”. You don’t want to get too lost in minutia, but you should be confident you’ve covered everything in small enough units that you can think about how to move them.

Moving is an excellent occasion to also consider what you don’t need to take with you. Halifax has plenty of places to donate unwanted clothing, furniture, or other items. And if you get lucky with a weekend of good weather, you could also try a garage sale.

Moving to or away from Dalhousie, Mount Saint Vincent, or King’s? Halifax is known as a university town, and there will always be a churn of students looking for the essentials.

You’ll also want to consider what you do want to move — but will be difficult. Do you have anything fragile like an aquarium? That might require some very special arrangements that mean you need to find a specialized Halifax mover.

Either way, as you begin creating your lists, you’ll get an idea of how many boxes or other storage containers you’ll need. Start collecting or buying them now. And if you’re getting help from a Halifax moving company, you’ll want to get your booking in early — they might be able to help with the materials, too.

Phase Two: Start Working!

Obviously, you still do have to live in your home until the move, so start by packing things and rooms you don’t actively use. This can be a guest room, or books, or ornamental items, for instance.

As you get closer to the date, you’ll be able to comfortably pack more and more — just make sure you’re done before moving day. Those last items have a way of taking a lot longer than you expect.

Meanwhile, while you might want to hold off on a full deep clean until you’ve moved a lot of your things out, it’s worth taking some time to go through some minor repairs for an extra layer of assurance. If you find out with a week left that fixing some drywall or mending a broken window latch is going to require additional supplies, it’s a lot better than if you’ve got an inspection in a couple of hours.

Phase Three: The Move — And the Post-Move

The best way to get through moving day is to have a moving company on your side. Because just getting your stuff out of the old place and into the new is hard enough — but you’re also looking at a long process of unpacking and reconstructing furniture, as well as the final, comprehensive clean of the old place. Especially if you’ve got a damage deposit on the line.

You’re going to have a whole lot less stress if you can deal with these obligations without being too concerned with the physical move itself.

So, when you’re moving within, to, or from Halifax, give Two Small Men a call. We’re a professional moving company ready for any Halifax move! Get a quote today and look forward to a no-hassle move.

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