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How to Avoid Moving Scams


How to Avoid Moving Scams

When you’re moving, you have so many things to get done and accomplish that it can be easy to hire a moving company that’s less than reputable. In worst cases, you may even fall victim to a moving scam if you forget to do your homework and research the moving company thoroughly. Instead of having your possessions loaded nicely onto a truck, you’ll be stuck waiting on your doorstep with no money in your pocket and no moving men in sight.

Avoiding Moving Scams and Bad Movers 

Moving scams are unfortunately common. Here’s how to not become a victim.

Get referrals: Referrals from friends and family are one of the best ways to avoid moving scams. If you ask around, they’ll let you know which ones to stay away from and which ones you should seriously consider. Whether it be a lack of professionalism, an actual scam, or unsatisfactory work, you can avoid it all during your move if you only ask.

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Watch for red flags: When you Google this moving company, does a landline phone number appear? Is their address an actual business or a residential house? Do they only accept cash? These can be indicators of a shady moving company. Bad movers can operate under several different names but use the same phone number as a point of contact with customers. If you look up the phone number, make sure it only represents one business. Similarly, make sure the number is to a real landline and not a cellphone. Most importantly, a reputable moving company will accept almost every form of payment. If they refuse to take credit cards or certified cheques, something is wrong.

Listen for high-pressure commitment: An easy tip off that you may be dealing with a potential moving scam is if you feel a lot of pressure from them to commit right then and there. Listen for phrases like, “We’re very busy on that day, and you need to tell us right away, or you may not find a mover.” If they say these phrases, you should remove them from consideration. Yes, moving companies experience a busy season (summer) and see an increase in moves at the beginning and end of each month. However, they’ll usually hire on additional manpower to accommodate customers.

Moving scams can easily sneak up on you if you’re not watching for the right signs. If you want the best move, get referrals, watch for red flags, and look for high-pressure commitment.


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