How Movers Keep Your Assets Safe During an Office Move


Safe office moveMoving offices can be an exciting time! But someone’s going to be responsible not only for planning and managing it — but for ensuring that all your critical assets make it to the new office safe and in working order.

  • Confidential client information contained in printed paperwork
  • Computer equipment employees rely on to do their jobs
  • Tools and materials that crucial work can’t get done without

It’s one thing for a table to get lost in a move. It’s another thing entirely when staff show up and physically cannot do their jobs: when information they need is gone, when the IT infrastructure is incomplete — or when the office is simply not fully unpacked because things got mixed up. All this is why you need the help of a professional mover.

Before Your Office Move, Take a Full Inventory

The only way you’re going to be sure that everything makes it through your office move is to know precisely what you expect to see on the other side.

So, take a responsible inventory of everything. You don’t necessarily need to account for every single pen, but you do want to be able to check off your critical assets. If losing an item would cause you significant harm should it be damaged or get lost, make particular note of it and make sure your mover understands your expectations. Prioritize what you’ll need to unpack immediately versus what can wait, and have these assets easily accessible.

Find a Mover That Does Box Coding

You don’t just want a mover that will get your boxes to the new office and call it a day. You’ll want one that cares about doing the job well — getting the boxes to the right rooms.

By effectively labelling ahead of time, your mover can move your boxes to the places you’ll need to unpack them. That’s a lot of time saved shifting them around after the day, and it’s also going to help you confirm that your critical assets have made it to the right place — because you already know where you’ll be looking for them.

You Can’t Work With Just Any Mover

Residential moves are one thing for a moving company to do, but just because a company’s gotten good at moving the contents of homes doesn’t mean they’re going to understand the unique concerns of commercial moves. After all, a household doesn’t operate at all like a business — downtime may be annoying, but it’s rarely having a direct effect on the ability to generate revenue.

When every hour you’re down is money lost, you need to work with a mover who understands that slow or unsafe work is absolutely not an option.

That means working with a mover that has a proven method for moving sensitive equipment and information and the right people to get it done. Ask about how they plan to pack your most delicate assets, how they’ve fared with similar moves, and make sure you’re confident they truly understand the stakes.

Looking for the Right Mover? Try Two Small Men

We like to think we’re pretty good at office moves — and our clients would agree. Every item is accounted for. Every box gets to the right room. Every piece of furniture is packed safely and securely. And we’ll get it all done quickly and responsibly with one aim in mind: getting you back up and running at the new location as soon as we can.

To find out how we can help you get to your new location with absolute minimal downtime, reach out and get started here.

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