February 20,2021 | Moving Tips

How Do I Move My Piano?


We all love to save money, and with the rise of do-it-yourself social media accounts, learning how to save money by taking on seemingly tough tasks ourselves is easier than ever. Often, through trial and error, we’ll learn a lot, have a reasonably good time, and ultimately save some money – even if we aren’t saving as much time.

At Two Small Men, we commend this spirit. And most of the time, we agree that there’s a lot that individuals can do on their own to save money when they’re getting ready to move. In fact, we offer all kinds of money-saving tips on our website.

However, when it comes to pianos and other expensive, delicate items, we strongly recommend using professional movers to help. Professional moving companies have a ton of experience moving pianos, and they’ll have the gear needed to safely transport everything to your new location. In fact, it’s not unusual to see moving companies hired specifically to act as piano movers because of just how delicate pianos are. Did you know that the modern grand piano has over 10 000 moving parts? That calls for precise care and movement from Point A to Point B. 

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Still want to move your piano yourself? Here’s how. 

While we strongly recommend that you hire professional movers to move your piano, if you’re certain you want to risk moving it yourself, here are the items you’ll need and the steps you’ll have to take:


  • Stretch wrap
  • Moving blankets/pads
  • Four-wheel dolly/piano dolly
  • Ratchet straps


How to move the piano:

  • Using stretch wrap, secure your moving blankets to the piano’s top and sides 
  • Lift the piano while a second person slides the dolly underneath of it
  • Using a ratchet strap, secure the piano to the dolly – the strap should be placed above the keyboard to avoid damage
  • Begin moving the piano out of the house. You’ll be able to wheel the piano out but will have to lift it when moving it up or down stairs – and remember, at no point should it come in contact with the stairs
  • Safely push the piano up the ramp into your truck
  • Strap the piano to the truck wall and ensure that no other items are loaded next to it

We recommend three people for this task, because you’ll want the extra support and security of a “spotter” on hand and to help you navigate any narrow corridors or stairs. An extra set of eyes and hands will help immensely if you decide to move your piano on your own. 

If, however, you choose not to take on the risk of moving your piano (and we wouldn’t blame you), why not reach out to Two Small Men for a quote

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