Getting Settled After Moving to Hamilton


You’ve picked a great place if you’re moving to Hamilton, Ontario! The City of Waterfalls is in close proximity with incredible places such as Niagara Falls and the wine country. And of course, it’s a relatively short drive to Toronto and many other Ontario communities. 

Moving to Hamilton

Besides being a pretty interesting place itself! But have you thought about how you’ll get there?

Hamilton’s Growing a Pretty Nifty Art Scene

You might not guess it from its industrial roots, but the arts are thriving in Hamilton. Specifically on James Street North, you’ll enjoy monthly art walks alongside the main artery’s collection of off-beat local retail and cafes with just the right amount of scruff.

Things Are Changing Fast in Hamilton

Hamilton isn’t Toronto (though like we said, it’s really not far away), but as low rents and good jobs attract a young, creative professional crowd to the city, things only get better. Restaurants are booming, the nightlife’s diversifying, and there are more and more interesting businesses every year.

Working in Hamilton Has Something for Everyone

Historically, Hamilton was a Canadian industrial hub. There’s still a good deal of manufacturing work going on after a decline in the 90’s, but those changing demographics are growing various other private sectors. And the accompanying growth in the service industry could get you a gig anywhere from a fancy themed bar to an artisanal food truck.

Getting Into the Outdoors

Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario

Do you like waterfalls? Because Hamilton has waterfalls. There’s Princess Falls, Cliffview Falls, Buttermilk Falls, Hermitage Falls and… it keeps going. Basically, Hamilton is a waterfall-lover’s dream! It’s also on Lake Ontario, so you’ve got many options to enjoy one of Canada’s Great Lakes at the same time.

It’s So Easy to Get Around

Don’t want to drive everywhere? You’ll love that Hamilton has a robust public transit system that connects you to anywhere you want to go — whether it’s work, downtown attractions, the beachfront, a park, or just a unique store. And if that’s not enough, it’s also got a great bike lane system.

How Are You Moving to Hamilton?

Considered how you’re getting there? Whether you’ve moving from Toronto or Vancouver, a moving company can help you out. Heavy furniture? Delicate antiques? Just a whole lot of stuff? A moving company knows how to make your move a breeze. They’ll provide the truck, load it all up securely, and get your valuable possessions from one place to another before you know it.

You’ll especially want a mover if you’re making a long distance move — the insurance alone will give you assurance that even if something does go wrong, you’re covered.

At Two Small Men, we’re no strangers to getting people set up in Hamilton, Ontario! If you’ve got a move coming up, give us a shout and we’ll help you get there with everything intact and ready to go!

Contact us here for a quote today!

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