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Five Must-Have Packing Supplies for Moving


Five Must-Have Packing Supplies for Moving

The more organized you are during your move, the less stressful it will be. And when it comes to staying organized during your move, nothing is more important than packing. A lack of the appropriate packing materials can take your move from efficient to disastrous in a flash.

To stay organized, make sure you always have the moving packing supplies you need before you start packing. Of course, everyone knows you need boxes to pack. It’s also obvious to get bubble wrap, or newspaper, or something to wrap your possessions in. But there are some essential packing supplies for moving that aren’t quite so obvious you’ll want to make sure you have. 

Here are five must-have packing supplies for moving: 

Packing Labels

The best way to keep everything organized is to label where it came from in your old home and where it’s going in your new home. Packing labels let you tell your movers exactly where to put the boxes and furniture when they’re unloading everything at your new home.

You might think you can get away with just writing on the boxes with a marker, but remember not everything is packed into a cardboard box. You’ll want to label furniture and home accessories like lamps, which you won’t be able to write on with marker. Plus, packing labels keep everything uniform so movers know exactly what to look for when taking the item to its new location. 

Moving Plastic Wrap (stretch wrap)

Moving plastic wrap, otherwise called stretch wrap, is one of the essential packing supplies you’ll need to move furniture. You can think of stretch wrap as almost like industrial-sized bubble wrap, except without the bubbles.

It’s used to wrap up furniture and larger items to keep them safe and clean during relocation. It can also be used to wrap up dressers and desks to ensure the drawers stay closed.

Moving Blankets

Much like stretch wrap, moving blankets are used to keep your items safe and clean during your move. This is particularly important for special item transport, such as moving pianos. Fragile items, and furniture, need to be moved with care. Moving blankets will keep your items padded so they don’t get damaged. Since these aren’t always so easy to find, ask your moving company if they can provide moving blankets.

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Tape and Dispenser

No packing supply list is complete without tape. You’ll need it to seal boxes, keep wrapping paper together, and for your mirrors. Yes, that’s right, you can use painter’s tape to keep your mirrors from breaking during a move. Putting a few large pieces across your mirror will reinforce the glass and stop it from breaking.

For packing tape, you’ll want to get a dispenser. A tape dispenser makes sealing boxes much easier, and saves you from wasting tape when you have to cut pieces manually.

Scissors and Pens

Everyone has scissors and pens in their house, so it can be easy to neglect these when preparing your moving supplies. But it’s also easy to pack away or even lose small items like this when you’re in the process of a move. That’s why it’s a good idea to separate some pens, markers, and scissors and clearly label them as for packing. Add your tape, labels, and more to make sure all of your packing supplies are easy to find and access during your move.

Remember to always ask your mover about their packing supplies or packing services. The best moving companies will make your moving day even more efficient by providing all the packing supplies you need.

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