City Spotlight: What to Expect When You Move to Burnaby


moving to Burnaby?

So, you’re thinking about moving to Burnaby? Good idea. As the third-largest city in B.C., it’s full of amenities and activities — and its proximity to Vancouver, the mountains, and the ocean makes it a remarkably attractive place to live. 

What can you expect life to be like when you move to Burnaby? Let’s take a quick tour.

Essential Information about Moving to Burnaby

Nestled between the urban centres of Vancouver and Surrey, more than 200,000 people already call Burnaby home. It enjoys a warm, dry summer climate, with plenty of rain through the rest of the year — and there’s relatively little snow compared to the deluges experienced by other Canadian citizens.

If you’re moving to Burnaby to chase new career opportunities, you have easy access to Vancouver’s job market, while avoiding some of the problems of living within the city itself. And if you’re moving to Burnaby for education, you’ll find Simon Fraser University’s main campus on Burnaby Mountain.

What to Do in and Around Burnaby?

Like nature? If you move to Burnaby, you’ll find yourself bordered by several provincial parks to the north, allowing you to explore stunning mountainous forest terrain. There are lakes, rivers, and trails that take you to some of the most amazing views in Canada.

But if you’re looking for an engaging urban life, you’ll find everything you need close by. Whether you’re looking for incredible places to eat, want to do some shopping at B.C.’s largest mall, or would like to experience arts and culture at galleries and museums. Burnaby’s got plenty to keep you busy.

There’s Even More to the South!

If you’ve moved to Burnaby, you’ll find quick trips to the US easy. Seattle is just a couple of hours away, and there’s even more nature to discover south of the border.

Meanwhile, you can also easily hop on a ferry to Vancouver Island, visit Victoria, and stop by the vast nature reserves on the Pacific ocean.

How Do You Move to Burnaby?

If you’re moving to Burnaby from elsewhere in Canada, you’re probably wondering, well, how you do it!

Moving between cities is probably going to involve renting a vehicle to load up with all your stuff. You may want to downsize first to make the move easier (in which case, check out our downsizing series here!), but in any case, you’re going to need help.

And if you’re going to need some help, why not look into a full solution that takes you all the way from your old home to your new home?

Two Small Men is a moving company capable of getting your move to Burnaby done right. Get the details, and a free quote, here, and find out how we can make that big, daunting hassle a lot easier than you think!

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