City Spotlight: Moncton — What to Know If You’re Moving Here


Looking to move to Moncton? If you want to call this New Brunswick city home, you’ll have 85,000 neighbours who agree it’s a great place to live. Its unbeatable combination of a very high quality of life, remarkable natural beauty, and a convenient city lifestyle make it a fantastic place to live. 

The Hopewell Rocks are just one of the amazing natural things to see when moving to Moncton

Why Move to Moncton?

Want an interesting career? Moncton’s key industries include financial services, IT, insurance, and retail — not to mention its capacity as a transportation hub.

But a new hometown is more than a job. Located right in the middle of the Maritimes, Moncton is a gateway to so many places from Prince Edward Island, to Nova Scotia, to the East Coast of the United States.

The pleasant climate — and famously pleasant people — make the city itself incredibly attractive to anyone looking for a casual yet rewarding lifestyle. And with an exceedingly high ratio of English and French speakers, it’s a boon to those looking for a day-to-day bilingual experience.

What’s There to Do in and Around Moncton?

Want to see something cool? Moncton’s tidal bore forms twice per day with the tides from the Bay of Fundy. This phenomenon sees one lengthy wave climb upstream the river — and you can even surf it! There are only 60 or so known places worldwide where this happens, and Moncton’s is especially impressive.

That’s not the only weird thing in Moncton. We can’t not mention Magnetic Hill, a famous location where due to an optical illusion, things seem to roll uphill. Including cars in neutral.

But beyond the quirky, there’s considerable natural beauty to admire. The Fundy National Park is full of exciting trails to explore — to say nothing of the stunning beaches. Or, closer to your new home, there’s the Irishtown Nature Park: a massive urban park home to a huge variety of birds and full of trails and kayaking opportunities.

How to Move to Moncton?

The best way to move to Moncton is with a moving company. No matter whether you’re coming from Halifax or Edmonton, it’s the trusted way to ensure that all your belongings make it to Moncton intact, unbroken, safe, and accounted for.

A lot can go wrong in a long-distance move. Your possessions will be loaded up in a truck for hours and hours of driving, feeling every bump in the road. When you don’t pack heavy furniture and fragile boxes day-in, day-out, the chances of something shifting during transit and wreaking havoc among your treasured irreplaceables is too high to risk.

But professional movers who know how to load up trucks securely have seen every combination of couch, bed, dresser, and antique glassware there is. They know how to get there without disaster because they’ve done it before.

Want to know how easy it can be to move to Moncton with Two Small Men? We’ve got a page for that right here. Check it out and reach out for a quote today.

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