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Best Practices for Writing a Review of Your Moving Company


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We all know that one of the first things people look for before making any purchase or hiring any service is online reviews. There are all kinds of sites out there dedicated to posting online reviews, and Google posts reviews of businesses right on the search page. While pretty much everyone knows how to look for online reviews, many people don’t really know the best practices for writing one.

5 Things to Do When Leaving A Review of a Moving Company

As a moving company that completes many moves every day, we get a lot of online reviews, but not all of them are useful to the next person looking for information. We always encourage our customers to write a review, so we want to give you some tips for the best practices when writing online reviews of a moving company. 

  1. Make Sure you Have the Right Company

We know this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies get reviews that aren’t meant for them. It can be a simple mistake that causes a review to be left in the wrong place – like company names that sound the same or a different location of the same chain. The problem is, if the misplaced review is negative, it can have a big impact on the online reputation of the company (like taking a rating from 5.0 to 4.8).

That’s why it’s important to double check that you have the right company’s profile whether that’s on Google, Yelp, Facebook or some other review system. You want to make sure the 5-star company gets the good rating it deserves and that you don’t unfairly impact a company that has nothing to do with your service. 

  1. Be Specific but Concise

The main point of leaving an online review is to inform other people who are considering using the same moving company. If your review is too vague, or too rambling, it won’t be helpful. Rather than just leaving a certain number of stars, or a number out of 10, explain quickly why you gave that rating. It can be as simple as “everything was on time and efficient.” 


  1. Be Fair

When you’re writing an online review of a moving company, always list the pros and cons (if any) of your experience. This will help both other people looking for information about the company and the company itself.

Try to not penalize your movers for things that are out of their control. We understand that it can be frustrating when a snowstorm causes your moving truck to arrive late, but our movers are only trying to drive safely. 

  1. Mention Your Movers by Name

If you had a great moving experience, make sure to take down your movers’ and driver’s name so you can mention them in your online reviews. Many moving companies (us included) reward movers for a job well done, and the best way for us to find out if this is true is if you mention them in your positive reviews. 

  1. Approach the Company Before Leaving a Bad Review

If something went wrong during your move, the best thing you can do is contact the moving company directly before posting a negative review online. When you directly let the company know about your issue, there’s a much better chance they’ll be able to do something to correct it than if you go straight to Google.


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