7 Supplies You Need for Your Move


Cutting corners when purchasing moving supplies might save you a few dollars in the short term, but it can also result in damage to your belongings, which will cost you more to fix or repair when all is said and done.

When moving into your new home, you want to have the peace of mind of knowing that your furniture and possessions will arrive unharmed. Investing in the proper packing supplies will also help to save you time while protecting your household items. Whether your movers offer packing supplies or you plan to either buy online or visit a local retail store, don’t move without these seven essential supplies:

1. Standard Moving Boxes: You can’t move without containers to protect your items from damage during transit. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, cardboard boxes are ideal for accommodating most of your household items. Taking inventory of your belongings will help you decide on how many boxes to purchase for your move. Cardboard moving boxes come in various sizes including small, medium, and large, that all serve important functions for a safe move.

2. Specialty Moving Boxes: Larger, fragile items require specialty boxes that are shaped to protect items during transit. For example, hanging wardrobe boxes come in various sizes to pack delicate items that can’t be packed flat. Also, mirror boxes are used to protect framed pictures, mirrors, and art with sharp edges.

3. Bubble Wrap: No one wants to see their items scratched and broken when settling into a new place. Instead of worrying about replacing your fragile items, wrap them with bubble wrap for added protection. When the moving truck is in transit, you can be assured that the wrap will keep the contents of your boxes in place even for long-distance moves.

4. Packing Tape: Without packing tape, you risk the boxes opening up when carrying them to and from the moving truck. You need heavy-duty packing tape to seal your moving boxes and keep them closed while in transit. Investing in quality tape will offer added reinforcement to secure padding around wrapped items.

5. Moving Blankets: Bulky furniture and items that don’t fit in boxes still need to be cushioned when in transport. You would hate for another item to shift across the truck and puncture your favorite couch. Additionally, moving trucks are full of dirt from repeated use and it is not pleasant to clean grime out of your light-colored furniture. Thick moving blankets can be wrapped around your items to provide added protection against dirt and damage.

6. Sharpie Permanent Markers: Save time by labeling your boxes by room to ensure that the movers put the boxes in the correct space. Use the markers to clearly label the contents of each box so you know where to find your items when you are unpacking. It is much easier to read the labeled contents when you use a Sharpie as the writing is bolder than that of many other pens and markers.

7. Box Cutter: Opening boxes without a blade can be a pain when you’re peeling apart loads of tape. For a hassle-free unpacking experience, be sure to purchase a box cutter to easily open boxes. Also, when creating custom size boxes, you will need a way to cut the pieces of cardboard.

8. Moving Straps: During transit, these will keep the moving blankets attached to your furniture. The best way to prevent your items from shifting around while in the moving truck is to strap them in place. Moving straps secure your possessions and help to keep drawers closed during transit.

You can’t pack for a successful move without the proper packing materials. Taking inventory of your belongings prior to purchasing materials can help you determine the quantities and sizes you will need. If you want to save time with your move, it can also help to hire a moving company to take care of packing and unpacking of your household.

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