June 29,2017 | Moving Tips

5 Ways to Make Friends with Your New Neighbours


Moving to a new place you get to find new places to explore, plenty of entertainment to check out, and new friends to meet. However, the thought of making friends with your new neighbors can be daunting and have you feeling like an outsider treading through uncharted waters.

Whether you’ve moved long distance or locally, it can be awkward introducing yourself to complete strangers. You will never break the silence with your new neighbors until you put yourself out there. Follow these steps and you’ll be making connections and building friendships with your neighbors in no time:

1. Strike Up a Friendly Conversation
When you are finished with the movers and have unpacked your belongings, make it a point to stop by at your neighbors’ homes and introduce yourself as new in town. If you are not sure what to say, a smile and friendly compliment will surely get their attention.

If you focus on ways to make a killer first impression, your neighbors will want to get to know you. Once you break the ice, it will be much more comfortable to converse and build a relationship with your neighbors.

2. Offer to Help and Ask for Assistance When in Need
If you see your neighbor carrying in groceries or hauling heavy items, offer to help lighten the load. Introducing yourself and telling the neighbor you are there to help can quickly open the door for friendly conversation. Showing kindness is a great stepping stone to make new friends with your neighbors. This also works in reverse; ask for help when you need it and you’ll be surprised at how willing your neighbor will be to lend a helping hand.

3. Find a Local Group That Shares Your Interests
Participating in local groups and organizations is a great way to meet people, many of whom will live nearby. You can even join a private social network in your neighborhood and stay connected with your new neighbors.

4. Host a Party or, Better Yet, a Cookout
Now that your moving company has helped you set up your furniture, it’s time to show off your new home. Invite your new neighbors to come over and enjoy drinks and appetizers. If you prefer to entertain outdoors, host a cookout and share your favorite grilled foods. Don’t have time to send out invitations? You can create a Meetup event in your area and invite others to bring a dish.

5. Leave a Small Gift on the Doorstep
If you don’t see your neighbors often enough to start a conversation, you may want to play it safe and leave a small gift on their doorstep. Leaving a gift can be a warm gesture in building a relationship with your neighbors. This gift could be as simple as a loaf of freshly baked bread or a batch of cookies. If you haven’t unpacked your kitchen yet, write a friendly note and tape it on their door.

Don’t be a stranger, use these tips to break the awkward silence and build relationships with your new neighbors. Your movers have helped you settle into your home, now it’s time to meet some new friends!

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