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Moving can be stressful. It takes time and effort, and you would probably rather get it done as quickly as possible. How do you save time moving and go through your move to your new home as smoothly as possible? Use the five time-saving tips below to help you organize your upcoming move and save time from the beginning to the end.

1. Plan Ahead

When you are organizing your move, make sure you are a step ahead. Prepare a to-do list and try and get as much done in advance as possible. For example, if you need movers, make sure you call them as soon as you have your moving date. This way, there is a lesser chance of them not being available when you need them, and it means less time spent over the phone trying to find a mover who is available when needed. Also, make sure you know what your mover can or cannot move. There are certain objects that are more complicated to move, and all movers have their own ways of doing things. By knowing early on what your mover can or cannot move, or what requires special arrangements to move, you will have enough time to find alternate solutions if some are needed. Getting a head start will reduce the amount of stress involved in your move and is key to a smooth move. Make sure you have all the moving and packing supplies you’ll need for your move, including boxes, packing tape, packing wrap, garbage bags and labels. This way, you will avoid any disruption, such as going to the store to purchase extra material in the middle of your project, and you’ll be more efficient. Regardless of how much packing you need to do, doing everything at the same time won’t work. You should never underestimate the time you will require for each task.

2. Use all the resources available

Nowadays, we have access to a lot of resources online. A lot of them can help you save time. For example, it is often possible to receive quotes from movers online and even schedule and book them online. By doing what you need to do online, it is easier to tackle many tasks at a time. There are also free online moving concierges that are available to help you with your moving tasks and make sure you don’t forget anything, including updating your address on all your accounts. Moving concierges also tell you what you need to do to organize your move so you don’t need to spend hours online making sure you thought of everything. Other useful resources are friends and family members. A successful way to accelerate the packing process is to ask for help. Call them, ask for their help and order take-out to make things a bit more fun! If you’re running late and won’t make it on time, get packing assistance from a moving company.

3. Sort your items before moving

When packing, it’s easier to focus on one room at a time. This way, you will keep yourself on track, you won’t get the feeling that there is too much that needs to be done and you will have a clearer picture of your progress. Make sure you decide before your move which items you can leave behind. Moving objects that you don’t use or you don’t need can be a waste of time. If you haven’t used an item in years and don’t plan on using it in the near future, it’s probably best if you don’t take it with you. By sorting all your items and boxes, you will also save time when arriving at your new place. Make sure everything is labelled correctly so you can unpack quickly and don’t lose time trying to track specific items. Keep a carry-on box with stuff you’ll need at hand during your move or in case everything doesn’t go as planned, such as toiletries, prescription medication, kitchen utensils, a change of clothes, etc.

4. Plan where you want your belongings to go

When comes the actual moving day, it is not the time to decide where you want big objects, such as furniture, and even boxes to go. Make a floor plan of your new place so you can instruct your movers on where exactly you want everything to be at your arrival. Big objects can be complicated to move, it is time consuming and more costly if you need to move them from one room to another once you are in your new home. By having a map of where you want your things to be, and marking boxes with their intended destination in your new home, everything will be faster and easier to move throughout the house. You can also use a colour system, each colour associated to a specific room.

5. Clean your place in advance

When we leave our home, we feel obligated to make sure it is squeaky clean. However, this can be time consuming and it is difficult to plan for moving, cleaning your old place, cleaning your new place and unpacking. Clean what you can one or two weeks before your move. Leave only essential cleaning chores, the bathroom for example, for the last day. This way, your place will be clean, you won’t feel guilty and you can go enjoy your new space. If possible, have your future home cleaned and painted while it’s still empty. It is easier to accomplish those tasks before you move in your belongings.


Moving doesn’t have to be an exhausting and overwhelming job. The key to success, and to a smooth move, is to be well organized in order to reduce stress and save time in the long run. Take your time, prepare in advance and take one step at a time. By applying the five tips we have mentioned, you’ll ensure proper preparation of your move and may even have a pleasant time moving!

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