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It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year of massive change for all of us. For many people, one major change has included transitioning from working in an office to working from home.
And now, months later, your employer may be looking at heading back to the office building in the coming weeks, which could mean yet another adjustment for you.

No matter where you’re working from, it’s important to set up your office with intention – having a space you love improves your mood, which boosts your energy. Whatever your situation is, check out our simple, affordable tips to make your workspace a pleasant place to be.


If we’re being honest with ourselves, most office buildings have a straightforward approach to textiles – flat, neutral, usually dated carpeting is the best-case scenario. Mixing some new textiles in to your space will add variation and warmth to the room. It can be as simple as a cosy for your favourite mug, or you can get more creative and consider macrame, fabric storage baskets, or a cute rug.
Even better? Most of these items can be found at an affordable price, from your nearest dollar store to a local seller to a YouTube DIY (if you’re a crafty type or interested in becoming craftier!).


Houseplants and flowers are a great way to boost your mood. Having some nature in your office will help to calm you, keep you grounded, and add a few pops of colour. It’s good to note that many plants also act as natural air purifiers.
And if you’re lacking a green thumb, you can always invest in a faux plant or two – they won’t give you the air purifying benefits, but they’ll still give your office that natural feel.
Our only word of caution? Make sure no one in your office has sensitivities to the plants or flowers you’re bringing in!


Natural light is wonderful, but every office is not created equal – and sometimes, you’ll have low, or no, natural light. If that’s the case for your office, you’ll want to put a focus on getting good lighting in your space. Bright white lightbulbs will boost your mood and reduce the strain on your eyes if you’re spending eight or more hours looking at a screen, which is why we recommend you opt for them.


As we just mentioned, not every office has a window to the outside. This can lead to feelings of being a little “trapped” within four walls – but with a bit of creativity, you can make your space feel less closed in.
You have two options – a mirror, or artwork. Of course, you can also opt for both. A mirror will make the space feel bigger and lighter, and with strategically chosen and placed artwork, you can almost trick your brain into thinking you’ve got a window throughout the day!


Our final tip is not only intended for décor, it’s also practical advice! We all know how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day – so why not make staying hydrated more appealing? Shop around a little and find a water pitcher that appeals to your personal taste. Bonus points if you can find a serving tray and 1-2 cups/glasses to complement it! The water bottle is still king for travel, but if you’re at your office, you can make it feel just a bit friendlier with the personal touch of a pitcher and a glass to drink from.

We hope these tips were helpful whether you’re working from home or working at the office. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that works best for you, so create a budget and plan that you’re happy with! And of course, remember to keep Two Small Men with Big Hearts in mind for your office move. Happy decorating!

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