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4 Things to Look for in Calgary Office Movers


Many Calgary moving companies struggle to pinpoint the right moving service in a sea of competition. They want their moves to be on-time and on-budget while ensuring their moving team is trustworthy with company valuables.

The best office relocation advice you’ll get

Any misstep that leads you off schedule or over budget might cost you more than time and money—it could cost you valued customers.

If you’ve been researching, too, you’ve probably noticed a lot of moving companies make the same promises. So, how do you know which ones are actually reliable office movers?

  1. They have a dedicated division for commercial moving

Female manager packing office supply boxes and furniture for office relocation

Plenty of moving companies have diversified over the years to service different kinds of moves. Some residential movers promise to do absolutely anything—including office relocation—but don’t have the dedicated team, plans, or protocols in place to accomplish what they promise.


Commercial relocations are unique. Like a professional project, they need to run like clockwork and have contingency plans so that nothing is left to chance. Work doesn’t wait for anything or anyone—and your stakeholders, employees, and customers rely on a timely and thoroughly complete relocation to keep business running as usual.


  1. They can accommodate any kind of business

No two businesses have the same relocation process. But whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a mom-and-pop shop, your belongings are important and need to move with trusted hands.


Although the thought of it can be overwhelming, carefully planning and organizing your move is pretty essential. The wrong moving company might talk you into overspending on additional services you don’t really need—or they might lack the additional service you do need, such as:


Moving services are advanced these days and well-equipped to handle complex moving scenarios. If you think you have a hectic, logistically complicated move ahead of you, you’d be surprised how many other business owners are in similar situations.


  1. They live and breathe professionalism

When you choose who to do business with, first impressions are an important part of the decision. If you’re unimpressed with the conduct and behaviour upon your first few impressions, it’s unlikely you’ll trust that organization to be a partner or service provider.

Packed box of office supplies

The same should go with moving services. In fact, your standards should be even higher when it comes to deciding who’s responsible for handling and transporting your company’s valuables.


  1. They have fantastic online reviews

Never settle for “okay” or “good.” Nowadays, customers take online reviews seriously and tend to be very honest, so it’s getting harder to find 4 or 5-star-rated companies.


When you read these reviews—especially the negative ones—read them carefully to look for comments on the aspects of the moving company’s service that matter most to you. For example, a customer might comment on how the company couldn’t provide moving supplies, but you might not need or expect moving supplies from your moving company.


What truly matters is whether the moving company meets and exceeds expectations. Some reviewers can be unreasonable, expecting more than they paid for or leaving angry, disrespectful comments. Constructive reviews stand out above the rest, as they’re usually highly detailed and balanced.


Ready to choose the right Calgary office movers?

We get that effective and smooth office moves take special care, knowledge, and experience. That’s why Two Small Men with Big Hearts has perfected our specialized office moving service in all of our locations. We’re dedicated to getting you back to business as soon as possible. Get your free office moving estimate today.



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