By ajakab

I was nervous about the move, so I contacted between 8 to 10 moving companies for quotes. In the end, Ithinking the highest quote with two small men with big hearts. I was so pleased when the movers showed up, right on time, with some of the best attitudes I have ever seen! They continually assured me that all my requests were no problem, and were so pleasant to be around. They were so professional. They got my move done at a rate of speed I cannot understand, they have the truck loaded so quickly. With smiles on their faces. I an hour away into my first home, and I was very stressed out about how much money I have been spending and what everything was going to cost. So when the invoice came in at 2/3 of the price I was quoted, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was. This entire experience was very positive positive. I would hire them, and only them, for any future moves, but I hope I never have to leave this house 🙂 their names were Adam and Tariq. I recommend anyone looking to move request these two guys and tips them very well!!! I have them to thank for making one of the most stressful days of my life go very smooth, and very cost-effectively. they could have moved at half the pace and still been under the quote I was given initially so the fact that they hauled ass all day with smiles on their faces, and I ended up saving money has just blown my mind and I will tell everyone I know to use this company and request these two guys


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