A Challenge for Big Hearts!

COVID-19 has affected all our daily lives. There’s no question that the pandemic has impacted some of our community members significantly more than others; and when the basic needs of our most vulnerable community members are threatened, we must act quickly to help them. Now more than ever, it’s necessary for those of us who can give back to do so.

Our team believes that business is now the greatest platform to create social change, and that donated services are the best way to give back. We’ve been operating a donated services program called The Big Hearts Move of the Month for several years now, with one monthly moving partner organization in each larger territory where we operate.

How It Started

When we first started this program, we were inspired and re-energized by the sense of purpose we felt in giving back and positively impacting the lives of people in our communities. Supporting organizations who are making a significant difference helped us to stay engaged and involved, and in 2019 we established the Community of Big Hearts as it exists today. We were happy to find that other businesses were inspired to help, and we hope to continue to grow the network of small Canadian businesses who want to donate their services and time to their communities.

Supporting Basic Needs

It’s critical to provide services quickly to those in our communities whose basic needs of food, water, and shelter, are threatened. Our company can help with one of those basic needs: shelter. That’s why, during COVID-19, we’ve decided to take on a second Move of the Month partner in each of the cities where we currently work with a single charitable partner until the end of 2020. Due to the rise of domestic violence that has been observed during self-isolation and lockdown, we’re looking to work with organizations whose focus is to end domestic abuse in their community and to shelter victims of domestic violence.

Community Giving Pledge

Our communities are still in need, though – and that’s where you come in. We are throwing down the gauntlet as the founding member of the Community of Big Hearts, and challenging small businesses like ours to help give back to the communities that have supported our companies through the years.

We’re asking businesses to sign up for the Community Giving Pledge, which can you learn about [here]. Those who sign up will be committing to give back to their communities in whatever way their business is best equipped to. As a result, when you donate your services, they’ll go either directly to someone who needs it, or you’ll be helping prop up a charity who needs extra support.

Rise to the Challenge!

To light a fire beneath our network’s toes, here’s what we’re offering: If five more companies commit to the Community Giving Pledge, we’ll not only double our Move of the Month program during COVID-19 as we’ve committed to do for the remainder of 2020 – we’ll institute it permanently.

This is our challenge to you. Get creative, and reach out to us if you’re not sure how you can help.

Reach Out!