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Tips For Moving To Richmond BC Without Being Scammed

Moving to Richmond BC can be a very exciting time in your life. The lovely views of British Columbia will surround you in your new home. If you want to enjoy every moment of your time in Richmond, you need to make sure that you are moving to Richmond BC without being scammed. This means doing some research on the companies and finding out what you’re in for.

Tips for Moving to Richmond BC

undefinedThere are a few tips that you want to follow when moving to Richmond BC to ensure you don’t become a victim of a company scam. Every year, moving companies run scams that can take your money and leave you with a lot of broken furniture. By being aware that scams exist and knowing what to look for, you can save yourself a lot of heartache.

The first tip is to call the Better Business Bureau. When you’re moving to Richmond BC, you want to know about scams and complaints against the moving companies you’re looking into. The BBB office can tell you everything you want to know. They will also disclose the scores of each company you are considering. Anything lower than an A+ is unacceptable when you’re hiring a moving company

The second tip is to get a quote in writing. Some companies have been known to quote one price for moving to Richmond BC and then demand more money on moving day. Many people will pay the money even though they are suspicious because it’s moving day and they are out of options. By getting a quote in writing, you can protect yourself.

A third tip for moving to Richmond BC without getting involved in a scam is to research the companies by looking up reviews online. You want to know what other people’s experience with a moving company is. Chances are, if it’s happened to one person, it will happen to you. This can be avoided by taking a few minutes to look up reviews.

Moving to Richmond BC in a Smart Way

You have to consider moving to Richmond BC in an intelligent manner. If you hire the first company that you find without knowing anything about them, you are likely to run into trouble. If you hire the cheapest company, you could also run into problems. Think about why a company is so cheap. It may be that they don’t have proper licensing or insurance, which could result in you not getting your money’s worth during moving to Richmond BC.

The more you know about a moving company, the easier it will be to avoid a scam. Try and get as much as possible in writing. All the reputable companies will happily give you things in writing because they have nothing to hide. It’s the ones that make empty promises to you on the phone without handing you anything in print that you have to be worried about.

Great moving companies are out there to help with moving to Richmond BC, you just have to find them.

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A pleasant cross country move thanks to you
Jose Dantonio0
Edmonton | May 3, 2017

I followed the advice of a friend and hired Two Small Men to help move a three‐bedroom home from Edmonton back to Barrie, Ontario. Long journey but their time and cost estimates proved to be spot-on. Two Small Men movers are both patient and efficient in getting the job done. This is my thanks to a great company that made a tough job pleasant.

Professional and efficient
Karen White0
Richmond | April 19, 2017

I hired Two Small Men to move from an office in Nanaimo to Richmond because we’ve grown past our capacity. The guys came in, and had everything moved in a day. Very professional and efficient movers.

Thank you for great job!
Leon Garildi1
Red Deer | March 10, 2017

I was looking for a moving company to move my entire inventory to another warehouse. My colleague recommended Two Small Men for their professionalism. I followed the advice and received a super moving service. Thank you for the great job.

Quick, Fair, Careful
T. Perkins2
Calgary | March 3, 2017

I called several moving companies but I was most comfortable with Two Small Men's reviews and got a really professional feel when I first called in. They were great to deal with and got back to you quickly on rates and availability. We needed help on packing a pod and getting a two bedroom across the city. They moved everything tight but carefully and I appreciate that they used runners, blankets, foam and plastic where needed.